The pre-holiday clean you’ll be so glad you did

After a long time away, it’s a relief to come back to a tidy home. Try this checklist of quick jobs to do before you go on holiday and reap the benefits later.

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Five ways to beat the post-holiday blues

When all the excitement of your summer holiday is over, lots of us start to feel a little down. Try these pick-me-ups for a little boost when you get back to everyday life.

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Garden rooms for summer

Lynnette Peck shows us how to make the most of our outdoor space and how to bring some of the glorious outside into our homes.

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The no-sweat guide to cleaning

We learned a long time ago that life’s too short to spend it doing housework, so here’s how to do a big clean – with hardly any effort.

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The 15-minute kitchen clean

When time is short and the kitchen’s a bombsite, here’s how to transform it in just a quarter of an hour.

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Fairy Platinum Washing Up Liquid

Discover Fairy Platinum, Fairy’s best formula against tough grease

Febreze Air Freshener Spray Heavy Duty

Febreze Air Freshener Spray Heavy Duty Fresh Boost and Crisp Clean

Detox your bathroom

Lynnette Peck takes us on a mission to sort that laundry cupboard, edit those towels and give one of the busiest rooms in the home some serious love.

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3 problems caused by limescale – and how to beat them

Those unsightly white marks in your bathroom and kitchen are a sign that your home – and you – could be suffering from limescale damage.

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Summer parties at home

It’s time to enjoy your outside space and spend long, lighter evenings with friends and family. Lynnette offers some home, garden and recipe inspiration

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Organise your kitchen with these decluttering tips

Clear out those crowded cupboards and only keep the gadgets you can’t live without, says Lynnette Peck.

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