Always Discreet Pads+

Extra protection for sensitive bladders
Always Discreet Pads+
  1. Feminine Hygiene

Always Discreet Pads+ for sensitive bladder use an “ultra” thin technology instead of a traditional thick core. Their core turns liquid into gel so even though they are ultra thin, they still are super absorbent.

  • Description

From sleeping peacefully to working up a sweat in the gym, Always Discreet Pads+ are designed for the ultimate protection against leaks. Ultra thin for added comfort, these pads lock away wetness and help to keep you fresh all day long. Each pad is also individually wrapped to guarantee discretion and convenience wherever you are.


Always Discreet Pads+:

  • Are thin and flexible even after absorbing wetness
  • Feature OdourLock Technology to neutralise odours and a light scent for additional freshness
  • Have a DualLock core, plus Double LeakGuards to stop leaks before they happen
  • Come in a range of absorbencies to suit your needs: Long Plus for frequent leaks, Maxi for frequent, medium leaks, and Maxi Night for overnight leakage protection.

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