It’s a wonderful world out there

It’s a wonderful world out there

Our celebrity editor Carol Vorderman shares why the new season certainly puts a spring in her step

Our celebrity editor Carol Vorderman shares why the new season certainly puts a spring in her step

The daffs are up, the first flurries of blossom have already been swept away and I’m restless to be outdoors as much as I can!

I love this time of year.

It’s lighter for longer and we can’t resist referring to “longer days”, even though we all know there’s never more than 24 hours to spare.

There’s definitely that sense of getting more done and a spirit of adventure. I don’t even mind that my hallway is a confusion of wellies and winter coats mixed with sunhats and sandals – waking up to see if we’re going to get snow or one of those gloriously unexpectedly warm days when my toes might actually make their first real appearance of 2017…

In spring there are a few habits I always return to.

The age-old wardrobe clear out is one of them – though it’s often a mix of giggles at “did I really wear that?” outfits and negotiating with myself to keep something I love, even if I haven’t worn it for three years.

I start to look at the house a little closer, too. The spring sunshine pouring through the windows reminds me that corners here and there could do with a lick of paint, and I’m a terror for suddenly jumping up from the sofa for an impromptu furniture rejig. “A change is as good as a rest” and all that.

Given my love of a neat and tidy home, I never wait until now for a good spring clean, but I do feel that there is a feeling of clearing away the cobwebs in a metaphorical sense. Maybe that’s partly because of those gusts of wind on my first long walks of the year.

My daughter Katie and I always try to get something booked in together before we blink and it’s August! There’s also that impossible-to-ignore “Easter Feeling”. My kids have long grown out of egg hunts, but there are bunnies and chicks everywhere. New life!

So I’m going to use the first bank holidays of the year as the perfect excuse to leave the laptop firmly shut for a couple of extra days and stride out into spring.

Of course I’ll have to check the forecast before I decide whether I need the wellies or those sandals…

What’s your favourite bit about spring? Do share it with me in the comments section below.

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Wow woman

Georgie1 28/05/2017

Your a lovely person, someone I looked up to as a child, and even more so as a woman and mother myself.


binda 29/04/2017

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