Winter worries no more, beat the blues and celebrate!

Winter worries no more, beat the blues and celebrate!

Shorter days, brisker temperatures and the thought of Christmas looming can be enough to make us shudder. Well don’t, says Victoria’s guest editor, Carol Vorderman.

Brrrr, baby its cold outside

The changing seasons and the onset of winter can affect us both physically and mentally - from our skin and hair to our mood and our emotions. Shorter days, brisker temperatures and the thought of Christmas looming can be enough to make us shudder. Well I say – don’t. Don’t let Jack Frost get away with chilling your toes and putting a dampener on your positive frame of mind.

It’s all about preparation

The older I get the more I appreciate living in a country that has a bit of variety in its seasons and its weather. Waking up on the first day of spring to see the new bulbs in my garden sprouting, closing my eyes with the warm summer sun on my face, taking a blustery autumnal walk along a coastal path or curling up on the sofa watching the snow settle at Christmas – wow what could be better?

Winter does have its moments though. So to beat the blues and make sure we are always looking and feeling our best over the next few months you just have to master one thing, preparation. And it’s not difficult, I promise.

‘Preparation, preparation, preparation’ has become somewhat of a mantra for me leading up to my solo flight around the world. The winter months are a great time for me to get out and clock up as many additional hours in my plane as possible. My confidence is definitely growing and growing and I can hardly contain my excitement.

Remember though, preparation isn’t just for the big things! I often find it’s the little things that really add up and make such a difference.

Where do I begin?

For starters I tend to have a bit of a skin care overhaul when the temperature cools. We can sometimes forget that the combination of cold weather and central heating can dehydrate our skin, so I tend to up my moisturising regime. My top tip - invest in a good night cream that will really help boost your natural radiance whilst you sleep and help you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Just as important - don’t forget your hair. A long winter evening is the perfect time to lather on a great moisture mask to help revive bounce and shine.

I have some fabulous staple winter outfits that I have had for years. I say, a classic trench, a cashmere jumper and a pair of leather knee highs will never go out of fashion! Every year I treat myself to something bright and cheerful though to make sure I bring a little zest and sunshine to my day. I am now ready to battle the elements in style.

You may breathe a sigh of relief now bikini season is long gone but shock horror it’s nearly Christmas party season and that LBD in the back of the cupboard needs to be dusted off. I really try not to put too much pressure on myself to look a certain way. I like to look the way I like to look, regardless of anyone else. If I feel good on the inside though I know I will look good on the outside and this all comes from giving myself the time to relax, eat well, exercise, work, play...anything that puts a smile on my face. I always like that old saying – it takes more muscles in your face to frown than to smile!

My top tip for success this season:

  • Never fear: Tackle any issue you have head on. Whether it’s learning to cope with the dark mornings, a new challenge at work, taking on a DIY project, reviving your wardrobe or simply taking the time for yourself; don’t let winter be the excuse for slacking off anymore.

  • Plan a summer get away or a cheeky weekend away to break up the time: I love having things to look forward to. My daughter and I have already pencilled in our next walking holiday together – I can’t wait!

  • Learn it and live it: You are never too old to learn something new, the world is constantly adapting and we need to along with it. Some of my friends have struggled to keep up with technology and the latest app or device to have; others who have retired have lost some of their excitement for a new challenge. A great way to spend a wintery evening is learning a new skill and expanding your knowledge and expertise, maybe you take it one step further and enrol in a class? Are you the next Mary Berry, Tracey Emin or Hilary Mantel? They all started somewhere.

  • Embrace your waist: I’m not one for fad diets or crazy eating regimes. I do however make a conscious effort to eat healthily and keep myself in tip top shape so that when I look in the mirror I see the version of myself I want, looking back at me. But I also want to live a little. I love food, going out and enjoying myself with friends and family and indulging every now and again. It’s easy to let comfort food get the better of you when you are cold and tired but I definitely try and limit myself. Don’t get me wrong I’ll toast anything with a glass of bubbles!!

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Victoria01 04/11/2016

I love the start of Winter; cosy nights in with candles, bubble baths, snuggly pyjamas. I treat myself to some new clothes at the start of the season - nothing too expensive (look out for offers and discounts in your fave shops) aswell as a few new pieces of make up. It keeps me feeling happy and positive through the winter season. However, I cant wait for Spring to arrive!

this is a good article

Neo01 03/11/2016

This is a very interesting article. Love the item

Fun days Lazy Nights

drmqn442 27/10/2016

I love the winter months. Warm night on the sofa watching your TV hot chocolate in my pj's Cannot beat it shutting the world out, Love it when it snows. Love Christmas time all the family round the fire have drinks playing games. So winter can be fun, its what you make it. Not all dull is winter

Winter wonderland


I love winter with all the lovely colours and then when the snow comes it looks really magical the crisp white snow watching the flakes fall then sitting y the fire with a nice warm drink and a fluffy blanket and looking forward to Christmas hoping the snow will stay so we can have a white magical winter wonderland.

Winter Wonderland

Socialbutterfly 06/10/2016

I love all the changing colours of autumn into winter, all the trees whistling in the wind on dark evenings. Then looking forward to Christmas with my family especially my grandchildren as it brings back many happy memories seeing them so happy that Santa has been .

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