Why May’s bank holidays should equal more ‘me time’

Why May’s bank holidays should equal more ‘me time’

Our celebrity editor, Carol Vorderman, says long weekends should remind us to put work on the back burner and be a little selfish. Hear, hear.

Our celebrity editor, Carol Vorderman, says long weekends should remind us to put work on the back burner and be a little selfish. Hear, hear.

I love when the spring bank holidays come around – they’re an important reminder to slow down and take a breather, at least once in a while!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, my career and all those extra things I manage to squeeze in the middle… but I know I am not the only woman in her fifties to have the kind of day-to-day schedule that can be a bit overwhelming and a career that finds its way into every aspect of her life.

I appreciate that can be a blessing – it’s incredible to be able to enjoy work that reflects who we are as people and not just do a job as a means to make a living. But careers have a tendency to stray into evenings, weekends and time off… Especially now our smartphones mean we’re never far away from an email!

That’s why I really appreciate the good old bank holiday.

Okay, so sometimes I will be working over a long weekend, but generally, it’s a perfect reminder to all of us that we should make time to do something special once in a while. Something beyond the laundry and our other usual day-off habits, which can make a weekend feel like another work day, just in a different guise.

So what would make a bank holiday day off feel extra special? An extra hour to ourselves in bed catching up with the newspapers over a coffee? Or just simply reminding ourselves how to, you know, RELAX!

For me it’s a bit of everything. Both of my kids are usually at home and obviously with mum not being well, I’m with her a lot more than normal too… but most importantly I give myself the time I need and, for me, that’s getting a dose of the outdoors.

I don’t know about you, but now I am in my fifties, I don’t feel guilty about being a bit selfish. Of course, I’ll never stop doing things for the people I love, I don’t know how else to be. But I definitely make the time for me, which means going walking most days and probably averaging about 40 miles a week - especially when I have the luxury of those extra few days off.

I can walk for hours and hours happily listening to music or walking with my brother or a friend in this amazing city I live in – Bristol. We have about five miles of waterfront on the harbour and it’s my favourite place in the world. I walk it every day I’m at home, sometimes twice around.

Of course, we live in a 24/7 society now, and I know (and very much appreciate) how medical workers, military, and other essential staff will be turning up for work like the bank holiday is just another regular Monday. But if nothing else, the long weekend reminds us to plan time together – even if we end up putting off that get-together until a more convenient time.

I’d love to know how you all take the time on a bank holiday – or any time you have off. Are you planning to get everyone to the beach for the day? Or perhaps a gloriously long lunch at a local favourite restaurant? Whatever your idea of quality time together, make that ‘bank holiday’ happen, even if it actually ends up being a sunny Wednesday a week later!

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Belinda 29/05/2017

Having a Bank Holiday Monday BBQ with my Mum, my Son and Daughter in law baby Grandson and of course hubby ! 😎

Enjoy the clouds and rain

Hopegirl 29/05/2017

A rainy Bank Holiday is the perfect opportunity to stay home, curl up on the couch and watch a film or read a good book. I would never usually do that on a Monday so I'm going to really enjoy it without feeling guilty!


chas 28/05/2017

You are so right love is not just about a wife husband or partner. as a man of a certain age i appreciate more of the good things in life. Beautiful people are those who love you for who you are and good friends and family do just that.

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