Which dream destination is in your stars?

Which dream destination is in your stars?

Still pondering where to spend your holidays? Navigate by the stars with our astrological guide to summer vacations

Your energetic nature is unstoppable and you love searching for adventure. So why not visit Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru? Even the high altitude won’t be able to slow you down and you’ll love the trek along the Inca trail through cloud forests and dizzying mountains, ending in one of the wonders of the world.

Taureans love indulgence and practicality. So attend to both aspects of your nature with an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica. Enjoy the Caribbean’s easy-going delights, lively music, spicy food, sweet mangos and stunning sunsets – safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any nasty surprises in the bill.

With your endless curiosity, you’re always on the lookout for new experiences. But exasperated friends sometimes find you indecisive. The intense sights and sounds of south-east Asia should keep you busy. Start in Hong Kong, then try Vietnam… or perhaps a trip to Thailand? Decisions, decisions!

You’re a sucker for nostalgia, and it’s the holidays, so why not give in to the feeling? Return to somewhere full of meaning for you, a childhood haunt or your honeymoon destination. Or if you want to try somewhere new, how about New Orleans? The soulful music and food will find a place in your heart.

Hedonistic, extrovert and sun-loving Leo will be right at home in a city like Miami. Soak up the rays on the beach during the day, then party in the clubs with superstar DJs. Dress to be noticed – as if you need to be told, Leo.

Meticulous and detail-oriented, Virgos love efficiency. So what could be better than a holiday in Switzerland. Enjoy crystal-clear lakes and fresh mountain air. The prices of moutain retreats outside of ski season may also appeal to your practical side.

Striving for balance in all things, Librans like a bit of everything. A trip to Mexico could provide all your desire: satisfy your cultural cravings with a tour of Mayan and Aztec antiquities and then indulge your hedonistic side by lazing on the beach and enjoying one of the world’s great cuisines.

Mysteries are enticing to the secretive nature of Scorpio. So a trip to India should satisfy your craving, where you can discover one wondrous and esoteric spiritual mystery after another in sites such as the Golden Temple, the Buddhist holy site of Bodhgaya, and Jaipur, the sandstone “pink city” whose streets were modelled on the Hindu map of the universe.

Freedom-loving Sagittarius is an intrepid explorer who would go to the ends of the earth. So why not try a trip to South Africa. Combine Cape Town’s sophisticated pleasures under the gaze of Table Mountain with a safari adventure, tracking down lions, elephants and rhinos.

With a determined temperament like Capricorn’s, overcoming obstacles is easy. So trekking the Grand Canyon should be no problem for you, Mountain Goat. And after you’ve achieved that goal, you can let your self-control slip a little bit with a trip to the bright lights and temptations of Las Vegas.

Aquarians love to recharge their mental energies with a bit of solitude. Try a trip to the beautiful, desolate landscape of Iceland. Those of you born under the sign of the water-carrier with feel right at home in its geothermal springs.

Romantic dreamers that they are, Pisces will love a trip to Scotland, to see the ancient castles, windswept landscapes, mists hanging over the lochs and perhaps even to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster.

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definitely right

broughton 30/06/2016

As an aquarian you have got me just right.I love Iceland, Norway, Ireland, the Canadian Rockies- anywhere where there are mountains, lakes, waterfalls and fresh air-

True to me

mistyblu40 24/05/2016

Definitely a girl that likes the sun sea and sand so Jamaica sounds good any time of year. A little culture and good food. You have us Taureens well and truly figured out! A nice little bit f escapism here

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