What does your hair say about you?

What does your hair say about you?

Our very own Carol Vorderman wants to know what you love and hate about your tresses

Our very own Carol Vorderman wants to know what you love and hate about your tresses

How much do you feel your hair forms part of your ‘look’? And not just your look, but your personality – your identity?

The short, choppy brunette ’do, the long, luscious blonde waves – how do they make you feel about you? I know that over the years I have had many-a style and colour combination – you could probably mark out the decades with all the pictures of me and you’d get a pretty good flavour of what was in fashion at the time.

But, more than something to tie up in the morning or brush out of our face, your hair can symbolise a lot about your stage in life, your confidence and your health. That’s probably why we care, and why, when it changes (and it undoubtedly does), we can’t help but feel affected by it. This might not be a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I like to recognise every change in my body as I get older (and wiser), and celebrate it.

Your style

Do you have a style that suits you now better than any other? Or are you stuck in a style rut and have had the same ’do since 1995? I love to mix things up a bit and, as a full-on blonde at the moment, I think I am doing just that.

It can be quite a dramatic change to switch up your colour completely or go for a radically different style – trust me I know – but sometimes that is exactly what we need. I often think about how we can be different versions of ourselves in different situations, or with different people – we are always us, but we have the ability to adapt and change. I think that can be the same for your style and especially for your hair. You might look and feel great one way, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t feel just as good with another (or maybe even better) style. So why not go for it and try something new?

Hair care

There is no denying that, as we get older, our hair changes in texture, in colour and in fullness. It’s important that we recognise that and work with what we have and not against it. You might find that your hair is coarser and that it loses the colour quicker. For some of us, our hair thins out a bit and what was flattering 10 years ago suddenly isn’t.

There are lots of things you can do to help – get the right cut for you, treat your hair well and keep it healthy. A great place to start is by using specially designed products for hair like ours, such as the Pantene Age Defy Expert Collection – give it a go!

Taking control

As we all know – very well – there isn’t much in life we can control, which is frustrating at the best of times. Even our hair can be something of a wild, untamed beast when it wants to be. But if you spend an extra minute or two on your hair each day, I think you will see the difference!

If I’m at home for the day I’ll make sure I don’t use any heated styling tools, and I’ll put an extra dollop of conditioner on. Sometimes I’ll leave it on a good 10 minutes, and if I’m really pushing the boat out, I’ll wrap it all up in cling film and put on a box set, before washing it all out after an hour or so.

If I am going to be out and about on a long walk, exposed to the elements, which I try to do as much as possible, I’ll keep my hair back and smooth a bit of hydrating oil into the ends to stop them drying out. After all, the environment can play havoc with our hair and, when we are already feeling it is a little harder to manage with age, we should really pay attention. You wouldn’t sit in the sun without sun cream (I hope) so why wouldn’t you protect your hair as well?

If I’m glamming up, and have the wonderful assistance of a stylist, I’ll normally get them to give me a bit of a moisture hit and soak it in some seriously hydrating lotions and potions. Everything counts, and I promise it doesn’t take much

What ‘look’ is the real me?

No such thing I’m afraid, folks. You are always you, whatever you look like… glamour puss to au naturel, blonde or brunette, short or long, good hair day or bad. Don’t be scared to change things up, though, and reinvigorate an old style – you never know it might give you that kick of confidence you’ve been hoping for and, if you’re lucky, a new lease of life. Your hair says a lot about you and can help you feel even more fantastic than you already are. Don’t settle!

There are loads of products on offer on Victoria this month that will help every unique head of hair out there, all you have to do is find what's right for you. Just register and get involved. And why not check out more on how to anti-age your hair here.

Carol x

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over 50s hair care

ROSEMARY 30/11/2017

Nothing helps your hair if you are over 60!

Sorry Carol

OnlyMe1 30/11/2017

But you’re so wrong. Having long hair in your fifties ages you so much, as does having too bright blonde or too dark brown. I was auburn, with a layered bob, but I’m now 50% white and is short. Short is best, especially with sweating so much.

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