What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Why I’m feeling happier and sexier than ever at over 50 – and you can too!

Why I’m feeling happier and sexier than ever at over 50 – and you can too!

Perceptions of a 50+ woman

We’ve all been there, seen something in the media which is let’s say, less than favourable to the 50+ woman. Sometimes it seems like there is a bit of a trend marking us as just slightly past our sell by date. In fact, two thirds of you, including ME, agree it’s pretty frustrating how women aged 50-65 are portrayed in society1.

But don’t worry – it looks like we aren’t taking much notice of all that chatter and we are happier than ever. According to recent research over a half of women aged 50-65 agree they have more ‘lust for life’, one in five feel sexier and over two thirds feel more self-assured than ever2 – how incredible!

Confessions of a woman of a certain age

So where does our lust for life come from, what are we doing that makes us feel good and what do we honestly see when we look in the mirror? Although I am happier than I’ve ever been and I have a real sense of contentment with ‘my lot in life’ I’m also very aware that at 55, gravity can take its toll and energy levels can dip that bit quicker.

So if I ask myself honestly, what do I really see in the mirror? I wouldn’t actually say: 50+, blonde (for now), female or all the things you can see on the surface. I would say… I see Carol. I see the person that has been looking back at me for 55 years. I am not defined by what I look like, but by what I have done, who I’ve loved, who has loved me and my ambitions of the past and the future. A quarter of you said you consider women who age with a sense of humour, who see life as a journey and embrace it warts and all, as the best role models3. Cheers to that! I am a Menopausal Momma and happy to be so.

With so many of us embracing our age and living life for all its worth, it’s no surprise to see nearly half of British women aged 50-65 celebrated when they turned 50 compared to just 6% who commiserated4. Good to you know you all like a party as much as I do!! Seriously though, 50 is a milestone birthday something to be incredibly proud of…and CELEBRATE. I know when it was my turn I had a party that even some of my wildest friends say is the best they had ever been to…a flypast, tribute bands, swimming pool, cocktail bars and everyone dressed in their 70’s best…the lawn was littered with platform shoes by dawn!!!

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder… and the beholder is YOU

Beauty is subjective isn’t it? That’s what I always thought anyway – the world would be a very boring and confusing place if we all found the same people attractive. I love that more than half of you define beauty as something that comes from within5. But what does this mean? I truly think this is how we see ourselves. Perhaps it’s really that simple, if you feel good you look good? Whether taking regular exercise, eating healthily or embracing a new style – whatever we are doing it’s working because nearly half of you say you actually feel like you are just 48 years old6! Not bad!

My top tips for embracing 50+ YOU:

  • You only look as old as you feel: There is nothing stopping making the 50+ you… the fittest, healthiest, most energised YOU. You don’t have to start running marathons tomorrow but little and often can make a huge difference. Just remember to take care and pay attention - try not to fall off the treadmill like I did last year… ha ha!
  • Beauty is timeless: A third of you think beauty doesn’t change with age7, just take 95 year old fashion icon Iris Apfel – taking the world by storm, the face of numerous campaigns, gorgeous Iris is loving life and working hard at it.
  • Live life: Even if it’s just one tiny thing at a time, do it. Don’t be content sitting back and watching the world go by just because you are older than you once were. No excuses, go to the movies, call a friend, lethargy is not a way of life. I’ve taken my own advice and since I’ve been training and working with the wonderful RAF Air Cadets I have never felt so revitalised.
  • Unlock your hidden energy: I always try and stick to the usual ‘good behaviours’ when it comes to maximising my energy – drink lots of water, eat healthily and reasonably, do a bit of exercise. It’s so easy to neglect them as they are the boring essentials. I do know Patsy Westcott, our wonderful Health Editor would agree with me when I say, by sticking to a good routine where you take the time for hydration, nourishment and physical activity, you can really feel like a different more energised person and that in turn shows in your mood, emotion and in the way you look.
  • Don’t sweat the little things: Wasting time on the things you either can’t do anything about or really shouldn’t matter is a total misuse of your energy, energy that could go into a bit of positive reinforcement!

I’d love to know more about how you celebrated turning 50, and what you think when you look in the mirror! I’m looking forward to hearing all your inspiring messages.

The statistics I have used in this article have come from The ‘Women of a CERTAIN Age’ Study comprised of 6,400 women aged 50-64 in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and Belgium and was conducted by CensusWide in October 2015.

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sky4 01/12/2016

Gives a person lits confidence and can laugh more under the knowledge that dentures are a natural part of u and don't feel out if the ordinary .My smile us big and can smije more knowing that my dentures won't end up on my lap when talking eating or laughing .Certainly changed me as a person


OnlyMe1 23/11/2016

All very well, but you have had work done Carole! No 55 year old has smooth, taut facial skin without a line or wrinkle, tut tut tut! So how can you preach at us to embrace our age (which at 56 I do, fully!), when you don't? I look in the mirror and I see laughter lines, white hair and age spots, saggy eye lids and drooping boobs but do I get down about it? No! I'm acing well and enjoy life, every blemish is a story of how I got here, I embrace them all!

Super article

Victoria 16/11/2016

Very good article.

Good article

Victoria 16/11/2016

Thank you for the article, good article

Great article

django 15/11/2016

Great article, thank you for posting

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