Make room in your suitcase for these holiday essentials

Make room in your suitcase for these holiday essentials

Packing for holidays is so much easier with a checklist. Here are our suggestions for the travel must-haves that you won’t want to forget.

1. Sunscreen
When you get back from holiday, you want heads to turn because of your healthy glow, not because of your red, raw skin. So whatever you do, don’t forget to pack sun cream. Experts recommend most of us slap on something that’s SPF30 or above. And remember to reapply often: after a couple of hours, sunscreen loses its protective power.

2. Pantene Expert Hydra Intensify
Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection from your sun. Heat and humidity can frazzle your hair too. But Pantene Expert Collection Hydra Intensify seals in hydration to protect your tresses from humidity and heat damage. It has a unique mix of three active ingredients designed to work with any hair length and ensure your hair looks and feels velvety soft.

3. Kindle
This is a total game changer for the avid holiday reader. One of the biggest pleasures of the summer holiday is the chance to power through your reading list with no distractions. But who wants to lug around heavy books when you can carry all your reading in one lightweight device? And the e-ink screens of the Kindle eReaders are tailor-made for beach reading, staying crystal clear even in the brightest sunshine.

4. Travel adaptors
Guidebook and map, music system, alarm clock, restaurant guide, pocket translator, exchange rate calculator – the list of things that your smartphone can handle for you on holiday is almost endless. But if you can’t charge it, your phone is just a slim, high-tech brick. So don’t forget the right travel adaptor for your holiday destination, and keep your pocket personal assistant working for you.

5. Insect repellent
A tropical paradise can soon become a nightmare when insects bite. And prevention is better than trying to soothe the itching they leave behind. Apply insect repellent to exposed skin and clothing, and don’t go overboard – tests show that once you’ve covered the skin, adding more repellent doesn’t make it any more effective. Experts recommend a product with DEET in a concentration of 20 per cent or higher to ensure mozzies stay away.

6. Sunglasses
A holiday isn’t a holiday without your favourite pair of sunnies. They block out glare and UV light, saving you from eye damage. They add a touch of Jackie Onassis style. They can even disguise the effects of a drop too much of Sangria the night before. But if you do forget, just pick up a bargain-basement pair from a beach vendor: half the style is in how you wear them.

7. Microfibre towel
In The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Douglas Adams reckoned a towel was the one essential you needed to travel the universe. And thanks to microfibre, they’re so much easier to pack and quicker to dry. So you can roll one up in your day bag, ready for any eventuality, from spontaneous swims to emergency spills.

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Glynis Top Beach Tip


We love the beach but when my son was small he used to cry when I tried to get the sand off him to go home he used to cry saying it hurt .One day we were trying to clean him up when a lady came over with some talcum powder and told us to give it a try. We put the talk on him and the sand wiped off so easily with a nice dry towel. No more tears so mums pack some talk in your Beach bag

packing list

lildan 16/11/2016

I always pack two pairs of sunglasses just in case I lose or break a pair...and take lots of sunscreen from my favourite brands in different SPF values and always a factor 45 for my face.

At last

Helen CT 21/08/2016

So pleased that at last someone is singing the praises of the microfiber towel, we have being using them for 10 years now, fantastic little items, can get them in all sizes, a good outlet is Decathlon sports shops as they carry a good range.

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