Why the party doesn’t stop when you’re over 50

Why the party doesn’t stop when you’re over 50

There’s no reason for the party to stop as we get a bit older! There are many amazing party ideas for those over 50. Check out these party planning ideas.

You might not be able to stay out until dawn anymore, but the fun doesn’t have to end. Here’s how to keep enjoying yourself no matter how old you are

Keep fit and supple

It’s no secret that staying fit is a cornerstone of your wellbeing post-50. But keeping in peak fitness will also give you the stamina to dance, stay out late and recover more quickly. So if you want to keep partying like a pro – and avoid too many post-party aches and pains – get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week. Try yoga and pilates to build up your strength. Also take a good mutlivitamin – Swisse multivitamins and supplements will help support your wellbeing.

Eat the right foods

Eating right before and after a night out will make all the difference to how your body copes with the after-effects. The best choice of food before a night out is something that has a natural fat content, like salmon or avocado, which helps slow alcohol absorption. And have some grilled chicken ready for when you get home, to give your liver a dose of amino acids that will metabolise and remove the alcohol.

Book a party weekend

With friendship groups often living far apart, gathering for a weekend in a lovely location will make the occasion extra special, especially if you’re celebrating a birthday – your 50th perhaps? – anniversary or promotion. And you can pace yourself. A cottage by the beach, a weekend in a boutique hotel, a trip to Barcelona or a music weekender at a holiday camp – the sky’s the limit!

Plan a party glamping getaway

If you’ve always fancied getting hippy-dippy at one of the many music festivals over the summer months, there’s no need to endure the Portaloos. Most festivals have a glamping section, complete with yurts, somewhere to park your car, exclusive hot showers, toilets, a bar and even a pamper parlour. That way you can recall your youth while doing the whole thing in style. Visit yurtevents.co.uk for more information.

Go gourmet

A gourmet break is a great way to celebrate in a gorgeous location with your nearest and dearest at an elaborate and bespoke gourmet dinner party, without having to worry about disturbing the neighbours. Visit uniquehomestays.com for some great trips that include your very own chef.

Know your limits

A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2015 found that educated, prosperous baby-boomers could give the younger generation a run for their money when it comes to alcohol consumption, drinking more than twice the recommended number of units a week. Add an activity to your night out so it’s not all about drinking, and alternate between units of alcohol and glasses of water.

Let’s play dress-up

Not being young and fresh-faced anymore can be a drag – but many over-50s get a new-found sense of confidence. Knowing what looks good (and what doesn’t) and having fun with different looks can be great fun.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your make-up and make sure your hair looks great with Pantene’s Age Defy Expert Collection. Also don’t leave home without your Always Discreet Liners, which mean you can wear whatever you like while remaining confident throughout long party nights.

Unleash that disco diva

Dancing’s not only great for fitness – it’s also good for the soul. Grab some glitter and platform heels and head out to one of the many retro disco nights in a venue near you. Once you’re under that glitter ball you won’t want to sit down.

Carpe diem

Experiences are what makes life memorable, not expensive gifts, so make sure you pack a few into your social calendar with your partner, family and friends. Book nights out at the theatre, musicals, comedy nights, cabaret, casinos and karaoke. And don’t forget classes like Latin dancing, chocolate making, wine-tasting or even burlesque dancing.

Remember to rehydrate

Had a good night? If you can, once you get home, drink a pint of water with a pinch of salt before bed. Alcohol switches off an antidiuretic hormone, and all those nocturnal trips to the bathroom will deplete your salt levels, so a glass of slightly salted water may taste a bit yuck, but will actually really help.

What are your secrets to keeping the party going? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Dont wait to bust

Carolynkerr 30/12/2016

When partying dnt wait till your busting for that pee. Leaks happen more at our age. I use the pelvic floor exercise daily. 3xs a day. Sqeeze ur vagina tight or try and stop peeing mid flow. Always Discreet are fab for extra confidence just incase there is a que a the toilet.and your holding on for dear life.