These are a few of our favourite spring smells

These are a few of our favourite spring smells

The hills are alive with the smells of springtime. Here are seven we love.

The hills are alive with the smells of springtime. Here are seven we love.

1. Laundry hanging out to dry



With laundry drying outside in the sunshine, the sheets billowing in the breeze, the air catches that freshly washed smell and transports it right to our grateful noses. And the really good news is, even if it’s raining, you can still get that laundry-fresh scent thanks to the new range of Unstoppables candles and wax melts.

Light the candle or melt the wax in the Spring fragrance, and that gorgeous scent that usually infuses your laundry can now fill your home too, no matter what the weather’s doing.

2. Freshly cut grass



Lawnmowers are being dusted down, grass is being cut and that gorgeously fresh, zingy fragrance is permeating the air, letting us all know that the warmer weather is rolling in. But don’t be tempted to Google why cut grass releases that lovely smell… you have been warned!

3. Salty sea spray



With trips to the coast high on the agenda, that fresh salty smell of the sea is one of our favourites of spring and summer.

If you live too far from the coast – or simply want to enjoy that fresh, invigorating smell on a daily basis (who wouldn’t?), then Unstoppables Fresh. is for you. Inspired by the smell of ocean spray, the candles and wax melts emanate a zingy, fresh scent, making you feel like you’re on a coastal stroll, every day.

4. Suntan lotion



The smell of suntan lotion transports us on holiday quicker than any plane ever could. Close your eyes and you’re whisked back to that pool-side lounger with a cocktail in your hand… even if in reality it’s more like the sofa and a cup of tea.

5. Sizzling barbecues



*Sniffs deeply* “Mmmm, someone’s having a barbecue…”. This is something we all utter at some point during spring and summer. Even better if that someone is you, when the smell of barbecuing burgers, sausages and chicken is only possibly topped by the taste of them. Someone pass the ketchup.

6. Fields of flowers



Of course one of the most wonderful parts of spring is all the fresh flowers blooming, and the natural perfumes that come with them. From swaying fields of lavender to pretty blossom trees, it’s time to step outside and take a deep breath in.

7. Warm rain showers



We lament the rain when it comes (as it inevitably does), but it does kick up the most gorgeous earthy smell. Just try to remember that next time the heavens open when you’ve planned a garden party…

What are your favourite springtime smells? Let us know in the comments section below.

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