Does your 50-year-old skin tell a story full of adventure?

Does your 50-year-old skin tell a story full of adventure?

Our very own Carol Vorderman wants to know what you think about your skin, and shares how she feels about hers…

Our very own Carol Vorderman wants to know what you think about your skin, and shares how she feels about hers…

We all know how important our skin is, and that it needs to be healthy, hydrated and rested – you name it, we gotta do it.

Stupid I know, but I think I pay more attention to my skin now I’m in my 50s than any other time in my life, but I’m definitely not a saint when it comes to skincare. I’d love to hear how you look after yours – just register if you haven’t already and comment below to let me know.

I think you all know by now that there isn’t anything I won’t try, whether I’m Down Under living as a jungle campmate or up in the skies viewing life from the clouds, I’ve always thought that life is about experiences. Your life experience and the adventures you have will affect your character, your wisdom, your opinions and advice – they also affect your skin for better and for worse. So surely that’s all the more reason we should look after it?

Now we live at a time with lots of information available about how to protect it, and so many products that can help. It wasn’t like that growing up in the ’60s and ’70s, when we thought that lying out in the sun and burning until we peeled was a good thing, lathering ourselves in cooking oil to get a “better burn”. Oh boy, am I paying for that now!

So over the years I have had to learn some tricks of the trade when it comes to keeping my skin looking like I want it to. No surprises that removing make-up at the end of the day, cleansing and moisturising are no brainers – but is anyone else falling short at the first hurdle?

I try to take my make-up off before bed about half of the week, but to be honest I’m a bit rubbish at it. I think it’s because I go out so much that when I come home and I’m shattered, splashing water on my face wakes me up, which I don’t want to do… lazy Vorderman.

“Looking good” is, of course, subjective – it’s all about how you feel on the inside. But nothing tells the world that we’ve still got it like getting yourself out there and grabbing life by the horns. And we all feel a bit better about a day if we think we’re looking good.

Now you might not all feel the same but I love going out on my bike. Getting outdoors in general gives me such a buzz. But who am I kidding? The windswept/dehydrated/chapped lips look isn’t my best – I know my skin will thank me for it later if I give it a bit of love.

To be honest, with all that I know now, I would tell my daughter Katie in a heartbeat that she needs to keep an eye on her skin. Wrinkles at 50 are alright, but I wouldn’t want her to damage her skin prematurely, like I did out of ignorance. Don’t ever forget, though, just because your skin might be that bit more delicate these days, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing the things you love.

It’s all about that balance. You have to look more than skin deep at someone to be able to tell who they are. But with a bit of a spring in our step and a huge smile on our face, we’re a welcome sight whatever the weather.

It’s that not-so-secret secret again: by registering on Victoria you’ll save loads on all your fave Olay products – get involved! Don’t forget to comment, let’s share what we know!

(P.S. this is a great little article – Look 10 years younger in just four weeks with this skincare routine)

Carol x

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Simple and easy


I am 60 and consider my skin and complexion to be good. Why? In my opinion I believe this is because I've never worn make up or used creams and potions. My daily routine is a warm soapy flannel (bar of Dove, not liquid soap) followed by a soap free warm flannel held for a minute or two to open up my pores. I finish off by patting my skin dry with a soft towel. Effective for me. I'm happy for people to see me as I am, not smeared in make up and looking 'false'. Worth a try!

Skin changes

sueal 30/09/2017

Im afraid i have to agree with some of the other reviews in the fact that Carol is not someone who has to worry about how they look in their 50s as she has people to help her look after hair, make up etc. I always try to take my makeup of before bed and then i will put on a night time moisturiser and daytime in the morning. My skin has changed since i hit the menopause so i use different moisturisers now Olay have great creams for the older skin which do not leave me greasy or to dry


babyhk 30/09/2017

I agree Little Red .When this site when it first opened it gave a list of experts not famous people but those who had studied and worked to get to where they were - ordinary but driven. In comes Carol . They are overshadowed . I respect her career in media but I feel she is no better than me in terms of expertise and advice. She will have her hair and make up done for her. Most women in their 50's don't .Initially Victoria had a USP. I hope it doesn't become like O.K mag .



Wow - I find it hard to take this seriously. Carol Vorderman isn't exactly a 'natural' woman is she? Nothing against her, but I would have thought Olay would have used someone more realistic. Disappointing.

Youthful skin


I've always looked after my skin since my teens. I do like he sun but am careful to wear suitable factor creams. I can most probably count on my fingers the number of times I've forgotten to take off my make up at night time, its such a part of my routine, ad I moisturise night and day on a daily bases. My skin looks good and people do comment on it especially my sisters and daughters. I am the eldest sister but most people assume I'm the youngest and I easily pass as ten years younger.

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