Six things women of a certain age "shouldn't" do that you absolutely should

Six things women of a certain age

Do you feel like there are things you can no longer do now you’re over 50? Read on to find out why that’s total nonsense…

“Ooh no, I’m too old for all that!” If these words have ever come out of your mouth, make a promise to yourself that they won’t again.

Of course it’s fine to say “no” to something if you genuinely don’t want to do it – but don’t blame your age! Instead, embrace the fact you have more experience, more confidence and probably a more-evolved “you only live once” attitude than when you were younger, and say “why the heck not?” instead.

Here are six things you might believe you “shouldn’t” do at this time of your life – and the multitude of reasons why you absolutely should…

1. You shouldn’t… wear short skirts

Many of us lament how body-conscious we were in our younger years, and wonder why we didn’t just parade around in a bikini all day long when our figure was at its “best”. Well, your 80-year-old self will say the same thing about you now!

And, while we’re not recommending you wear a string bikini to the supermarket, we do say if you’ve got it, flaunt it – no matter your age! Wear that short skirt, low-cut top or slinky dress… Why not?

It’s just about moderation – so you could team your miniskirt with elegant flat sandals, espadrilles or even tennis shoes in summer, or flat boots and thick tights in winter. This way you still get the flirty hemline but won’t feel like you’re baring all or look overdressed.

2. You shouldn’t… wear heavy make-up

It’s true that thick foundation can get into nooks and crannies and so can highlight lines and wrinkles, but that doesn’t mean you have to suddenly stop wearing make-up altogether.

In fact, a bold lip can look fantastic and lift your whole look. Trade your foundation for a lighter BB or CC cream, slick on some mascara and then paint on a bright red, pink or coral lipstick and you’ll look – and feel – fantastic!

3. You shouldn’t… eat certain foods

If, like some 15 million others in the UK, you need to wear full or partial dentures, that doesn’t mean you suddenly have to consume all your food through a straw!

In fact, if you use Fixodent Plus Adhesive Cream you can chow down on crunchy and chewy foods without the fear of your dentures moving, as it provides a strong hold all day.

Plus seeds and other food particles won’t get stuck under your dentures, as the cream provides a tight seal, meaning your dentures will feel comfortable and your breath will stay fresh.

Someone pass the popcorn…

4. You shouldn’t… stay out all night

If you’ve got the energy, what’s stopping you? Hit that dance floor, and don’t leave it until the staff practically have to drag you out. Making your way home as the sun comes up is one of life’s best guilty pleasures – who says it’s reserved for the young ones?

Or if you’re not the party animal sort, you could simply grab a bottle or two and spend the night on the sofa with a good friend, talking and talking until you both fall asleep curled up in a cosy ball in the early hours of the morning.

5. You shouldn’t… go to music festivals

The beauty of music festivals is that they are one of the few places where people from all walks of life can come together and have a great time.

And now there’s a whole wealth of festivals to choose from, so if you don’t fancy a mosh pit in a muddy field, you could try a more cultural, eclectic festival that brings together music, comedy and the arts in beautiful surroundings – Festival No.6 in Portmeirion, Wales, and Latitude, in Suffolk, are great examples.

You don’t have to slum it in a tent, either. Glamping is now a viable option, with accommodation varying from yurt-style havens to cosy cabins – and all with proper, comfy beds and covers. That’s more like it.

6. You shouldn’t… let your hair go grey

Men look distinguished while women should reach for the hair dye, right? Not necessarily. Women can look fabulous with grey hair – just look at Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep.

Ease yourself in by asking your hairdresser to gradually lighten your hair each time so the greys blend and add different tones to your hair, rather than standing out against dark hair.

Then it’s about adjusting your hair care to look after the coarser locks, and getting regular trims to keep it looking healthy.

For more tips, check out our article on How to go grey gracefully.

Do you think there’s anything you should or shouldn’t do after 50? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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Time to learn something new

hazeld15 13/03/2018

When I was young I wasn't allowed to stay out too late and when I got married and had children, I was just too shattered to even want to. So when I reached 60 I decided it was time to do something that I had always wanted to do and that wa learn to rock and roll. I joined the local rock n roll club and soon after my hubby joined too. We learned to rock n roll with their help and a dvd bought off ebay which we practiced in the kitchen with.Now we stay out as late as we want.

Be mysterious

babyhk 13/03/2018

Is heavy make up is an age thing ? Most people look awful plastered in it . The natural barely there look suits all ages . I do think older women in short skirts don't look right . My 5 adult sons would be horrified if I trotted out in one . Leave something to the imagination . The most attractive women don't have to flaunt all to be beautiful.


helenclare 13/03/2018

Agree that one should still be able to do all these, but if like me be careful doing what the lady in the picture is doing. Now I am older my poor teeth are not as up to crunching apples.

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