Six fun things to do this spring

Six fun things to do this spring

Saved time on your spring clean? Here’s what to do with it…

Saved time on your spring clean? Here’s what to do with it…

Spring is here and we can finally break out of our hibernation and embrace the great outdoors.

So don’t waste hours inside spring cleaning. Instead, using the right products will make cleaning easy – whether it’s busting limescale with Viakal, blitzing that pile of dirty dishes with Fairy Liquid or making your floors and surfaces shine with Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner. You’ll be done in no time, so then you can spend your precious time doing one of these fun spring-time activities…

1. Visit a petting farm

There is no better time to visit a petting farm than when spring has sprung, as it’s the time to see all the adorable baby animals.

From lambs, chicks and bunnies to foals, calves and piglets, there’s nothing more “aww”-inducing than having a little ball of fur, wool or feathers to stroke, feed and cuddle. Plus this releases endorphins and lowers stress levels, so it has health benefits too.

Farms are of course popular with families with young children, so bring the grandkids for a fun family day out. Or visit on a weekday when the kids are at school so you can enjoy prime cuddle time. Who says children get to have all the fun?

2. Go on a nature trail

Your local woods will be abundant with spring life, so it’s the perfect time to head out for a long walk.

Look out for all the wonderful signs of spring: from blankets of bluebells, blooming blossoms and sunny daffodils to bees hard at work, fluttering butterflies and chirping birds. Really take the time to look, listen, smell and touch; practising mindfulness as you soak it all up.

For more tips on making the most of your spring walk, click here.

3. Eat al fresco

Relish the lighter evenings by eating dinner outside – just bring a few blankets out with you to stave off the evening chill.

You could go for your first picnic of the season – even if the blanket’s spread out on your own lawn. For ideas on how to raise the bar from soggy sandwiches and sausage rolls, click here for our sophisticated picnic suggestions. Or you could fire up the barbecue – and it doesn’t have to all be burgers and hotdogs. From pizza to apples, take a look out our Nine surprising foods you can barbecue.

4. Go to the beach

We tend to hit the beach when the weather is hot – along with the rest of the country – but springtime is arguably a better time to head for the sand and sea.

It might not be as warm, but you can wrap up against the wind and treat yourself to a hot chocolate while you stroll along the emptier stretches of sand. Gorgeous.

5. Start a vegetable patch

If you’ve always thought about growing your own vegetables but have never managed to get round to it, now’s the time.

It gets you outside, it’s rewarding, plus its healthier, cheaper and better for the environment than buying your veggies at the supermarket.

For tips on growing peas, tomatoes and herbs, as well as inspirational recipes to make with them, click here.

6. Go for a walk in the rain

Rain is inevitable in the British springtime, so we say embrace it! Chuck on those wellies and a raincoat and go for a walk in the rain, noticing how the smells and sounds change as the drops fall.

When you’re back home, run a hot bubble bath and stick any muddy clothes in the washing machine with an Ariel 3in1 Pod, which will lift stains, clean and brighten clothes so they’re as good as new. Just like you’ll be after that bath…

What do you love to do in springtime? Let us know in the comments section below.

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