Pack light for a free-spirited weekend

Pack light for a free-spirited weekend

Whether you’re heading off to a festival or a city break, we’ll show you the secrets of packing light

We all love the idea of not being weighed down – either literally or metaphorically – when we travel but it’s all too easy to start cramming loads of stuff into our suitcase in a last-minute panic. Yet the secrets to a minimalist approach are actually pretty easy, especially when you don’t have the kids’ cases to worry about too.

Start by packing all your essentials: tickets, medication, sunscreen, contact lens solution, etc. Now put out all the clothes you want to take with you and then immediately halve the amount! Okay, that might seem a little scary but you get the picture. The truth is we’re all guilty of taking lots that we’ll never wear (we’re talking about you, fifth pair of shoes!).

Case looking suitably roomy? Now you need to pack our ‘fab four’.

Dry shampoo

So, you can either take one small can of dry shampoo or you can pack shampoo, conditioner, heat protection spray, hair spray, hair dryer, straightening irons…

Yup, dry shampoo really is your mini-break best friend (plus, if you’re going to a festival, exactly where were you planning to do all that styling?).

Pantene and Aussie both do excellent dry shampoos, so really it’s just a case of choosing the one that suits your tresses.

Double duty items

The lipstick that also works as a blusher, the wrap that can double as a blanket if it gets chilly at night (remember it can get cold in a tent) and let’s not forget baby wipes, which can be used for anything from removing make-up to cleaning up a spill – any item that does more than one job will save you space.

Black trousers

One thing that’s definitely worth making room for is a pair of black trousers or jeans. You can dress them up or down – and no one is ever going to remember that you’ve worn them before.


Great accessories are a brilliant way of brightening and varying your look. That fabulous necklace takes up hardly any space, for example, but it sure makes your LBD pop. Ditto a great scarf or belt.

One thing to leave behind

Try to leave any stresses or worries at home. Weekend getaways are all about enjoying life and getting some well-deserved rest.

Are you an expert packer? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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Gemma 28/06/2017

Love this product

I want one of those

Nanabee 06/10/2016

Where can I buy the yellow suitcase in the article header photo!?!?


Nanabee 06/10/2016

Great tip Jackie 123. I used to pack all my favourites and then realise nothing went together!

Weekend away

sugarbabe87 24/09/2016

The Tips you gave were great guys I always seem to pack to much especially when I visit my Daughter in Wales so many thanks for the good advice kind Regards Chrisy.

Packing light

Jackie 123 20/07/2016

Always lay your outfits, shoes, accessories etc on the bed and see which ones you can mix and match you will be surprised how many items you don't actually need to take.

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