My secret to feeling great at 56? Just do it!

My secret to feeling great at 56? Just do it!

Guest editor Carol Vorderman shares her inspiring life philosophy, plus her tips for looking after your health and wellbeing

Guest editor Carol Vorderman shares her inspiring life philosophy, plus her tips for looking after your health and wellbeing

So here we are, suddenly it’s October and another whole year has nearly gone past. Scary how time flies don’t you think?

Well, I think you all know by now that I truly love life at the moment, in spite of – no, that’s not right – because I am in my 50s. Don’t get me wrong, of course not everything is peachy and perfect, but I think I am in a place in my life where all the lessons I have learnt are firmly cemented in my mind and I will try to draw on them at every given possibility.

Actually, not “try” – when we say we will “try” it gives us an out. What it really means is, “I’ll give it a go, but….”. Actually I think we should do it , don’t just try to do it – then you are falling short at the first hurdle.

As Yoda once said to Luke Skywalker: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

I have always been a “do it” person ¬– always. I don’t know how to be anything else. And I’ve encouraged quite a few of my closest friends who, despite some setbacks and difficulties, employed the “do it” philosophy and have seen a difference in what they have been able to achieve, on a big and small scale.

Now, an important part of your life where you should just “do it” is with wellness and being well. There isn’t anything more important than being well physically and mentally, as then you can make the most of every other part of your life. And we only have one go at life – it’s not a rehearsal.

So how do I keep on top of wellness? A few simple things help as I’m rushing around the world having a laugh and not wasting a single moment or opportunity…


The way we breathe can help change a mood, calm a situation and relax our whole body. Taking five minutes out of our day (yes, we do all have five minutes) and regulating our breathing, or taking a few long and indulgent breaths, can do wonders for your mind, body and soul.

Do little and often

If you told me I had to go to the gym and do a three-hour session once a week, I’d maybe motivate myself to do it once a month. But ask me to do an hour’s walking a day and I’d bite your hand off.

Unachievable goals make you depressed when you don’t achieve them – you are setting yourself up to fail. It’s boring I know but exercise does make us feel better – scientists tell us so, so shouldn’t we listen? Fight the devil on your shoulder and do it . Whether for you it’s a mammoth gym session or a brisk walk around the local park – it all counts, I promise.

If you can’t remember, remind yourself

How easy is it to linger on the negatives? Pretty easy. But really, what good will that ever do? I don’t keep a diary as such, but I do make a note to myself every time something great happens. I look at the list of things I have done at the end of the year – and it’s always huge – but it’s so easy for us to forget when we’re busy and constantly moving onto the next thing.

Nurture in nature

You are the only version of you there will ever be. I bet you don’t put the same amount of nurturing energy into yourself than you put in to others, am I right? I thought so! Nature can give us so much joy: the open space, the light and freedom. I know that when I go on a walk around my beloved Bristol or out into the wilds of the countryside, I get a bit more perspective.

Age is just a number

I am sure that, of you reading, we have a whole range of ages. Like me I am sure you don’t feel your age inside. I am really a 28-year-old who just happens to have had 56 years’ worth of life experience. Internet trolls often tell me to act my age – firstly, what does that even mean? And secondly, why on earth should we?

I know that you all have your own tips and hints, and I’d love to read more so do comment below. But my overwhelming nugget to take away from this month is do it for yourself. No one else will, and you’ll get the absolute best out of you, for you.

Share your thoughts below and make sure you register to get some great deals that will definitely help you feel good.

Carol x

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OnlyMe1 07/11/2017

Sorry, but her secret is surgery!

Admire Carol

invictus 31/10/2017

Great tips thanks

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