This is MY idea of being ‘beach ready’

This is MY idea of being ‘beach ready’

There’s so much more to being ‘beach ready’ than what we look like in our swimmers or a sarong…

Replace all that bikini prep nonsense with a nose for adventure and great company, says our celebrity editor Carol Vorderman.

I grew up near the beach in Prestatyn on the North Wales coast in the 1960s.

They aren’t exactly warm memories (temperature-wise, that is) as the Irish Sea is pretty murky and very cold, but we used to paddle all summer long or go to the open-air lido next to the beach where I got my first Tadpole certificate.

These were happy, carefree days when we used to go down without parents and spend all day there, then wander up the hill back home in time for our tea.

Summer is a little different now. When thoughts turn to wearing next to nothing… in public, along with loads of other semi-clad people. It’s enough to make you scream with terror, isn’t it? The dreaded cellulite on show, ugh!

I love that we’ve learnt to take the phrase “beach ready” with a large pinch of sea salt – but I have to admit, as thoughts turn to bikinis and all that, I do take a good hard look at myself in the mirror.

I’m sure most of us would rather not have bits of our body that move to their own rhythm instead of one beautiful, harmonious motion, but what’s important is that my idea of “beach ready” is probably very different to yours – and neither of us has to live up to someone else’s!

And of course, there’s so much more to being “beach ready” than what we look like in our swimmers or a sarong.

I’m not a reader… I actually can’t remember the last novel I ever read. I’ve started a few but they just don’t grab me, never have. I love proper real-life stories, autobiographies and such, but it must be something that really grabs my attention – if not, I’m up and off onto the next thing.

I get restless if I’m in a lounger for more than half an hour, too, so since the kids were small I’ve loved the beach for all its pleasures, not just sun and a sea view.

We are always ready to go on a hike along the coast or try some watersports. This year I want to be able to cartwheel in the sand, so I’m starting to take lessons. Yes, really!

I can be a bit competitive and I’m quite a demon at beach cricket – so long as I’ve packed the right trainers and the sun isn’t in my eyes! I love to explore too. So before I travel somewhere, I’ll take a look online or read up about the local wildlife. I often wander off by myself and get into trouble… I never really plan stuff anymore – just take the day as it comes.

Warmer waters are definitely worth packing my snorkel for, but even on a gorgeous, empty beach in Wales on a cold afternoon, you can find some wonderful things in those rock pools.

The other essential for being beach ready? Good company.

That could be a romantic walk with someone special at dusk around the harbour in Bristol (my favourite place in the world), or a sunny day out with a gaggle of family and friends around a bottle of bubbles.

But to be honest, if I am driving somewhere and it takes me near a beach, even if I’m on my own I love to just park up and get out to say “hello” to the sea.

What is so wonderful is that sense of space, big skies, a wide-screen view of the horizon, the sound of the sea and the crunch of sand or pebbles underfoot.

There’s nothing like it. In fact, writing this reminds me that I’m always beach ready.

What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments section below.

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Hockeymum1477 17/07/2017

Just sit and watch the waves crash onto the shore. It was my one escape when having chemotherapy, and so restorative for my soul.

Calms me

invictus 30/06/2017

I love walking along the beach with the waves crashing It helps me think of how great my life is I'm alive when so many people are not

Nature At Its Best

pennwood 30/06/2017

My favourite thing to do on the beach is to walk along the edge of the sea, & know while I'm enjoying the scenery my feet are having a natural buff to eradicate any rough skin.


Carol 02/06/2017

Evertime I go to sign in It say I need to register seem to be going on a loop

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