Must-haves for your summer wardrobe

Must-haves for your summer wardrobe

The classic tee, the perfect linen trousers, the flattering swimsuit… Here’s how your essential take-it-anywhere travel wardrobe works for summer.

After years of buying cheap-and-cheerful fashion, trying out different fads, and cringing at the photos later on, it can be a great relief when you feel happy and comfortable with your own sense of style. However you like to dress, though, the pre-holiday shopping trip can be a stressful experience – unless you already know what you’re looking for.

Here are your seven must-haves for summer. And if you wash them with a good quality detergent, such as Ariel Excel Gel which gives a superb wash even at low temperatures, you’ll be wearing them through to spring, too.

1. The perfect T-shirt

Easy to wash, easy to wear, perfect for the city, the beach or even a swanky restaurant if you dress it up, the right T-shirt is an absolute essential. It’s worth spending the time – and maybe a bit more money – to get the right one: a feminine shape, crisp Egyptian or soft pima cotton, a colour that suits (and it needn’t be white). It’s worth the effort. Under a blazer, over jeans or even teamed with an evening skirt for a confident clash, you’ll wash and wear this again and again. Try Jigsaw for the ultimate pima tee.

2. Wide-legged linen trousers

In a dark navy or neutral stone, a pair of relaxed linen trousers will keep you cool and collected when wandering round hot cities in a pair of flats, but can look just as chic worn with a platform sandal and a chain belt for evening. If the length doesn’t work for both, just roll them up to wear with a pair of heels for a stylish take on culottes. Try to find a linen mix rather than pure linen, to minimize ironing and make washing easier. Marks & Spencer usually has a good line in summer linen.

3. A flattering swimsuit

You might only wear it for a couple of weeks a year, but a properly fitting swimsuit, with good bust support and tummy control, is worth its weight in gold when you have to take your clothes off at the pool or the beach. Feeling confident when you’re sunbathing is a wonderful (and rare) sensation – but bear in mind your tan lines: it might be worth getting one that ties at the top so you don’t end up with lighter bits on your shoulders.

4. A chic panama hat

Its obvious purpose is to keep the sun off, but there are few more stylish ways to add a touch of effortless glamour to your look than a cream-coloured panama hat. The best hats can be rolled up and then recover their shape when unrolled, so they’re easy to pack, and you can add a bit of colour with a bright hat band or a scarf wrapped around the base of the crown. And best of all, it makes bad hair days a thing of the past!

5. Cool white pumps

You might feel that pumps or trainers can look a bit young or informal, but in fact a pair of crisp, super-clean white Converse, adidas Stan Smiths or Hotter plimsolls look fantastic with loose trousers or rolled-up baggy jeans. And if you’re walking a long way they’ll save you an awful lot of blisters. Get some little trainer liner socks to protect your feet from any rubbing, and protect the shoes from perspiration.

6. A stylish blazer

A relaxed, light denim chambray, cotton or linen blazer, with rolled-up arms, is an invaluable cover-up for summer, especially if you plan on sitting outside in that taverna or piazza, sipping an aperitif. It’s also a handy addition if you’re going anywhere that needs covered shoulders, such as a church or souk, or if you suddenly find yourself in a windy spot by the sea. And it instantly dresses up your look, ready for a night out in the city.

7. A flowy dress

Whether it’s an empire-line maxidress or a lovely loose shift (choose depending on what suits your figure), a relaxed frock has a multitude of uses. Throw it over your swimsuit on the way to the beach, belt it and add a necklace for an evening out, or just sling it on for drifting round a Mediterranean town, when you can’t be bothered to hold your tummy in. A crisp, soft, washed cotton is ideal – thick enough not to cling to any lumpy bits, but light enough to keep you cool whatever the weather.

What’s on your must-pack list? Share your tips in the comments below.

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Pictures please

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