How to host a sophisticated picnic

How to host a sophisticated picnic

Summer time means picnic time – but forget paper plates and soggy sandwiches. Now it’s just you and your friends to cater for, and you no longer have to accommodate children, you can really impress your guests with your al fresco finesse…

Summer time means picnic time – but forget paper plates and soggy sandwiches. With our tips you can impress your guests with your al-fresco finesse…

Picnics with the kids usually involved a couple of sandwiches, juice cartons and sticky fingers. But now they’re all grown up you can still enjoy a lovely spread on a summer’s day – and with just adults to cater for, everything can be a little more sophisticated…

Prepare a picnic kit

You won’t forget your favourite food and drink, but it’s easy to overlook the less exciting, but just as important, ingredients for a happy dining experience: wipes, plastic bags for leftovers and rubbish, a cutting knife and a bottle opener.

A lightweight tray can be really useful as a table, a cutting surface, and as a stand for glasses. And while wicker baskets are pretty, they’re quite impractical – packing everything into a large rucksack or cool bag (with heaviest items at the bottom) will make things a lot easier.

Also, freeze bottled water the night before so it thaws slowly and stays cold all day.

Stop soggy food in its tracks

Make sandwiches chunky and wrap them in greaseproof paper rather than cling-film to avoid sogginess – and prevent mushy salads by packing dressings separately in a screw-top jar.

For a fresh and healthy dish that keeps well, watch our video below for a step-by-step guide to creating a zingy superfood salad.

For dessert, pack flat, easily-transportable treats like brownies and cakes, then throw a plain bap or burger bun into the container holding your baked goods – it’ll help keep them fresh all day.

Set up the space

A picnic by a tree means you can easily escape to the shade if the sun gets too hot. No waterproof picnic blanket to hand? Simply place a shower curtain under a nice rug to prevent it from getting damp or dirty.

Another handy tip: when travelling to your picnic spot, wrap your blanket around wine or glass bottles to prevent them from cracking.

Keep insects away naturally

Sprinkle salt or talcum powder around your blanket to deter ants. Bees and wasps reportedly hate the smell of cucumber slices, incense sticks and dryer sheets, so place them around the picnic area or rub the sheets on your skin – you’ll smell fresh and be bug-free.

Keep the party going

After the food’s finished keep the fun going with some games. Pack a bat and ball, a Frisbee or football, or perhaps a pack of playing cards. Just because you’re adults, doesn’t mean you can’t act like big kids!

Back home, wash up wisely

When it comes to cleaning picnicware, make life easy with a quality washing-up liquid like Fairy. Three times faster at cleaning tough grease than other liquids, a little goes a long way – just one 780ml bottle can wash 12,000 plates!

Once everything is cleaned up, pack away your picnic crockery and cutlery in an accessible place, and include your picnic kit, so you have everything to hand when the time comes around for your next al-fresco get-together.

Got any great picnic hosting tips of your own? Do share them with us by adding your comments below.

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Get the kids to help

babyhk 10/09/2017

School hols can be long and expensive . For younger children who get up early I make a day of it Planning and making a list so they are involved.We shop for food and they then help unpack our goodies to prep the picnic . We tend to set off with a plan to eat the food within half an hour of getting to the venue or else they are bored .I reserve a few secret treats for mid afternoon .

Picnic Ideas

Carolyn 15/08/2017

Some good & helpful I deas for a picnic gor all ages.

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