How to blaze your own beauty trail in your 50s and beyond

How to blaze your own beauty trail in your 50s and beyond

Gone are the days when style was an afterthought post-50. Meet the women busting the mold – and loving every minute.

Gone are the days when style was an afterthought post-50. Meet the women busting the mold – and loving every minute.

If you think making a statement in the beauty world is purely the domain of those aged 30 and under, it’s time to reconsider your stance.

Some of the biggest names in beauty and grooming are more experienced women, and they have some of the biggest audiences too. After all, they speak to a generation of women who are less bound by convention than previous ones, and have the time, confidence – and income – to express themselves as they wish.

Make-up artist Suzanne Arnold, 58, says, “I’m fitter and healthier than I was at 25. Being 58 is great. I have long chestnut-brown hair, and when I wear my hair up you can see silver strands around the temples… it looks sophisticated and right for my age without being ageing in itself. I wouldn't have it any other way, and I’ve finally found the confidence to be me.”

For nutritionist Suzi Grant, who is in her late sixties, getting older means she no longer feels invisible, as she did before turning 50.

“After decades of dyeing my hair bright red, I have now gone fashionably grey,” she says. “I couldn't be happier and no longer feel overlooked by society at all. I look after myself – my mum died of a heart attack at the age of 63 – because without good health it’s harder to live life to the full. But rather than anti-ageing – none of us can go backwards – I refer to my philosophy as positive ageing. So far, it’s proving a brilliant guiding principle to live by.”

Want to embrace their empowering attitude? Try these three habits to feel beautiful inside and out, exactly where you are today:

1. Develop your own signature style

Fashions come and go, but your body size and shape is pretty much yours for life. Finding a style that suits you is so much more flattering than adopting the latest trends with slavish devotion, plus it oozes confidence. You’ll already know the kind of look that suits you, so ramp it up a notch or two and really embrace it.

2. Look after your skin

Part of positive ageing is about embracing the changes that come with maturity, and welcoming them with grace. Investing in a nurturing skincare regime will help you look your best whatever your age. A nourishing product such as Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream leaves skin looking brighter, hydrated and firmer, as well as protected from the ageing effects of the sun.

3. Adopt an attitude of gratitude

This simple exercise will help you feel good about your day and set you up with a positive mindset for tomorrow. Just before you go to bed, write down three good things that happened to you that day – it might be as simple as getting an unexpected text from your daughter or a colleague treating you to a delicious coffee when you really needed a boost. You’ll go to sleep with positive associations of the day, and radiate optimism as a result.

Is fashion your passion? For inspirational stories of other women who pursued their passions post-50, see these stories from real women.

How do you break beauty stereotypes? Please comment below and tell us – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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