How about a new start – at the age of 50!

How about a new start – at the age of 50!

“Life, it’s a bumpy ride – but I love it,” says Carol Vorderman.

Life, it’s a bumpy ride – but I love it

You know those little sayings people always throw your way when you are at a crisis point or at a proverbial fork in the road, “…what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or “…these things are sent to try us”, well as annoying as they are (and they are!) they can sometimes be very true.

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely had times in my life when I have hit a wall and I didn’t know which way to turn - whether it was going to be a positive move with an exciting outcome or a decision that might end in ‘disaster’. Well, I can tell you now, there can be bad moves, but not moving at all is possibly worse. There is also no set route in life and making big decisions can be exhilarating, and can be the making of us.

So why stop now? As women of a CERTAIN age we should still feel empowered to continue to find ourselves in a position where we HAVE to make big decisions. Life doesn’t stop when the kids leave home and you retire (if you even have!).

How did I get here?

Take my time on the Channel 4 show Countdown, for example. I could never have predicted that the opportunity would have come up at the age of 21, not in my wildest dreams – but when it did, although it was scary and definitely the unknown, I took it and utterly embraced it. Luckily for me this was one of those decisions that was truly positive and opened a lot of doors. Not only did I have a job for 26 years but I made some of my very best friends on that show including the unique Richard Whiteley who I still miss even though he passed away over 10 years ago.

So fast forward 34 years, I am in my 50s and I am still facing those big life decisions, many of which come to me when I’m in the skies flying my plane. I am still trying to answer some of the tricky questions that plague us and take a chance on every opportunity that comes along… What will life have in store for me? Can I go away and leave the kids and my mother without feeling guilty? What is going to challenge me in this fantastic stage of my life?

I am passionate about experiencing everything I can, and I hope you are too! Getting the chance to be part of and speak directly to other 50+ women is a completely new experience for me, and what an adventure.

Life is for Living

My best advice to you is to keep setting yourself goals. Don’t be satisfied with the mundane, make choices that will bring a little zest into your life and give you something new to say other than what your kids’ latest endeavours are. We need to keep our own identities as interesting, independent women, who just happen to be over 50!

My top tips for keeping things fresh and making sure you keep that sparkle in your eye:

  • Say yes: At least once a month, say yes to something you might normally say no to. From joining a book club, to a night out on the town – you never know what might happen and who you might meet along the way.
  • Mix up your colour scheme: Take a shot on a new hair colour, a new shade of lippy or an outfit in a shade you always thought too daring. You never know, you might surprise yourself.
  • Change your usual haunts: If you find yourself always meeting friends in the same places, try somewhere new, perhaps even take a trip to another city or even another country to change up your scenery.
  • Give yourself the time to relax and enjoy: It’s not all about change, often we don’t sit back and enjoy what we have – take the time to paint your nails, weed the plants, get out and about in the outdoors, I love to go walking… whatever gives you a little buzz of happiness. Put your phone and computer away and live in the moment, not in a virtual environment.
  • Set your sites on the bigger picture: If you think you are able (of course you are!) do something a bit frivolous, a bit adrenaline fuelled, a bit naughty. You don’t have to rock the boat until you fall over board but I definitely reinvigorated my greatest passion, flying, when I decided it was time for me to truly enjoy myself and really feel fulfilled.

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Still a spring Chicken

drmqn442 27/10/2016

I am 54 and I don't look it and don't feel it. Life begins at 40 people say. Not for me life started a long time ago. I still do things I did when I was in my 20's I try my best to look after myself keep fit. Keep in with the latest trends I have a good wardrobe of shoes and clothes. It's what you make out of your life just because I have turned 50 still got a lot of get up and go,and not going to stop

dare devil


At 62 I'm still challenging myself. On a recent holiday me and a fellow traveller dared each other, "I will if you will" to climb a sand hill and body board down. So exhilarating! Ordinary or celebrity, if you don't take the risk, you don't reap the benefits.

Cannot relate

babyhk 27/09/2016

When I first joined Victoria I saw the women that were writing .They looked successful but ordinary . I feel although I admire the achievements of a celeb I cannot relate . I don't have photo shoots , hair and make up done or a nice new wardrobe to wear . I was hoping this site would feature ordinary women who were photographed not looking so glam .I respect Carol but not in this role.

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