How a book club can be less work than you think

How a book club can be less work than you think

Joining a book club can open up a whole new social and intellectual world for you. But when it comes to hosting time, you need to make it easy on yourself.

Joining a book club can open up a whole new social and intellectual world for you. But when it comes to hosting time, you need to make it easy on yourself.

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands now the kids have left home, one of the best things you can do is to join a book club.

Not only do you end up reading all sorts of novels you may have missed before – and thinking about them more deeply too – but you can also meet a whole new set of friends. And what could be more fun than getting to have a nose round their houses when they host?

Of course, they’ll always put on a good show – which means that you might feel the pressure too. But before you go making intricate napkin origami or constructing complex canapés, remind yourself: it’s the simplest things that make hosting enjoyable for you – and your guests. Here are some tips for tip-top entertaining.

Make your home smell fresh and clean

In the old days, a scattering of pot pourri in a bowl, an incense stick or some short-lived air freshener were the best you could hope for if you wanted to add scent to your home. Then came scented candles, luxurious and chic – but not exactly long-lasting.

Now there’s a solution: new Febreze Unstoppables Candles. Just 15 minutes before your guests arrive, light up both wicks to give your home hours and hours of fresh, clean fragrance. They definitely won’t notice if you burn the cocktail sausages!

Everyone loves a freebie

Oh, do you think this is overkill? Not a chance. You don’t have to go big on it – a goody bag is probably too much! – but what could be sweeter than a monogrammed bookmark, a wine-glass charm or some lovely biscuits or brownies to take home (“Oh, please do – I just made far too many!”). And hey, if they’re wondering what that lovely fragrance is, you could always be ready to toss in a New Febreze Unstoppables Candle as a generous bonus. Or you might just prefer to keep the secret yourself.

Have some alternative entertainment

Sometimes, however hard you try, the conversation just dries up earlier than you’d hoped. If you think it could be a struggle, why not combine it with a film night or afternoon, or see if it’s results night for Strictly or Bake-Off?

If that’s not your thing, you could suggest charades or cards. But let’s face it, we’re all grown-ups, and you don’t want organised fun to turn into forced merriment. So it’s a good idea to have some alternative topics of conversation prepped in your mind. Which takes us to…

Don’t stick to the script

Did anyone actually finish the book? There are always a few stragglers, so make them feel welcome – crack open a bottle or pour another cuppa, and take the conversation elsewhere.

Whether it’s a bit of mutual-friends gossip or a proper discussion about the latest political machinations, this is where the evening could get really juicy. Just remember to keep it light though – if things start getting a bit heated, be ready to intervene with a bit of gentle peace-making, another slice of cake, and of course a soothing fragrance to keep the atmosphere tranquil.

Have you tried New Febreze Unstoppables Candles? If so, why not leave us a review or tell us about it in the comments box below?

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