Happy British Science Week Ladies!

Happy British Science Week Ladies!

You don’t have to love science like me to be able to celebrate the science behind the everyday!

You don’t have to love science like me to be able to celebrate the science behind the everyday!

So in case you didn’t already have it in your diary, 10th - 19th March is British Science Week – an annual celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths – what’s not to like!! There are regional and local events going on all across the UK that are open to all ages to get involved. If you share my love of all things science and maths, click here to see what’s happening near you and get involved!

If you aren’t clued up on the most up to date discovery, experiment or equation, British Science week is the perfect opportunity to get the family involved and learn more about the science and technology in our own homes and the products we use every day.

I recently came across some really interesting articles in the New Scientist magazine (yes – another of my guilty pleasures, but you can’t be hanging out at NASA and not know your stuff!). Well the team at New Scientist has partnered with P&G to go behind the scenes in the labs to research what goes into designing the products that are in most households throughout the UK.

Now I think there is no excuse for women, at any age, not to know more about what goes into making the house tick and all the things we rely on so much to make our lives that little bit easier – I mean we are normally the ones running it, right? Have you ever stopped to ponder what actually happens after your turn the ‘on’ switch on the washing machine? There’s nothing worse in my opinion than having to resign your favourite shirt to the back of the wardrobe when it loses its colour and shows all too clearly your love of spaghetti bolognaise for all to see. Luckily for us, laundry detergents have come a long way since their introduction back in the 60’s, haven’t we all (!). There’s a whole army of scientists and engineers working at P&G dedicated to helping to preserve the life of your clothes and ensuring you get to show off your favourite outfit stain free, looking fabulous…it’s easy. Have a look at the article here to wonder at how the appliance of science and technology all wrapped up in a small beautifully crafted pod has changed the way we wash our clothes forever…..

It doesn’t stop at laundry – there’s another huge team of P&G boffins concentrating on keeping our smiles looking perfect. Being in the public eye, looking after my smile has always been important to me and nowadays its mind blowing the sheer feats of engineering and technology that are being applied to the (not so simple it would seem) task of brushing your teeth. This is something that is particularly important to us women of a certain age where many of us find our teeth lose that white “ting” we once had is slightly less bright. We need to give ourselves every opportunity to be as confident as possible! The latest Oral B Smart toothbrush does all the hard work for you, ensuring you never miss a single tooth with the Genius 900. The story of how it has been developed is a fascinating one – read all about it here. You can also take a look at a recent chat with my makeup artist, Alice, who gave us 50+ ladies some tips on how to keep that smile looking fabulous, I know she keeps me in line.

And lastly, with my two babies all grown up, and this menopausal mama off on her own adventures, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had to think about nappies, it’s not a subject I’ve given much thought to I’ll admit. I do however have friends who have little mini-me’s still running around, and although it’s not me just yet, I’m seeing an increasing army of grandparent pals who are taking on the childcare duties. But what parents or grandparents might not know is the astounding science and engineering behind the Pampers brand.

In fact, P&G have over 250 scientists at a research facility in Germany whose job it is to learn from the babies they meet every day (what a great place to work that must be!) and find ways to improve how to keep little bottoms dry all night. Gone are the days of sitting with a damp bottom, todays’ Pampers nappies, with their channel technology and super absorbent ingredients are a world away from the nappies were used on us and that we used on our own children. What I loved even more is to learn that there is a facility in Italy that have teamed up with P&G to recycle disposable nappies – a start at addressing the problem of the 170 billion nappies that are thrown away every year. Its schemes like this, that will help preserve our planet for the generations to come. Read more about the great strides forward being made on nappies here.

So that’s just a little flavor of the exciting science lurking behind all your favourite household products. Now, you’ll be able to impress everyone with your science expertise without even having to leave the house, just tell them Carol told you!

In celebration of British Science Week, share your fun science facts below; I’d love to hear more!

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