Five ways to beat the post-holiday blues

Five ways to beat the post-holiday blues

When all the excitement of your summer holiday is over, lots of us start to feel a little down. Try these pick-me-ups for a little boost when you get back to everyday life.

When all the excitement of your summer holiday is over, lots of us start to feel a little down. Try these pick-me-ups for a little boost when you get back to everyday life.

Holidays are a time of excitement and anticipation – all that planning, saving and last-minute packing. And then when they finally arrive, it seems as if they’re over in the blink of an eye.

The next thing you know, you’re back at home in the same old routine. No wonder we can start to feel our mood slump.

Low spirits usually pass – if they don’t, and you’re struggling to go about your day-to-day life, make sure you see a doctor who can provide help and advice on what to do. Even if it’s only temporary, you can chase the blues away more quickly with these tips.

Come home to a clean house 

Come home to a clean house

There’s no quicker way to burst your holiday bubble than walking through the door and finding a mess. Even though there’s a million and one things to do before you go away, it pays to take time to clean up.

With the help of Flash and Viakal, you can tackle surfaces and bring back their shine in just a few wipes. Pop all the dirty plates in the dishwasher with some Fairy Platinum and come back to sparkling crockery.

And try a spritz of Febreze Air Effects around the house to eliminate nasty odours and ensure you return to a sweet-smelling home. Take a look at our checklist for a quick pre-holiday clean.

Take good care of yourself 

Take good care of yourself

We think of holidays as times when we indulge ourselves. But we also do plenty of things that are good for us: we get out in the fresh air and sunshine, we often go for walks and we tuck into healthy Mediterranean food.

Keeping these habits going can be a great way to improve your spirits. Exercise is especially effective at blowing away the cobwebs. Finding time for a 20 minute walk three times a week will help to produce mood-lifting endorphins that promote a feeling of calm.


Don’t let go of your me-time

For many women, holidays are the only time when we get a break from all the demands of the rest of the family. Finally we can park ourselves on a sun-lounger with a bestseller and unwind.

If you’re feeling down after a break, maybe it’s because you need time like this during the rest of the year too. Try to carve out an uninterrupted hour every day for something that matters to you and see how much difference it makes to your mood.

Keep the holiday spirit going 

Keep the holiday spirit going

Your bank balance might have taken a hit after paying for the annual trip, but living like a monk is a quick way to start feeling blue. Why not come up with some cheap treats instead?

It could be something as simple as planning a picnic in the park or visiting some of the local attractions that you always mean to get around to. You’ve put all that effort into dreaming about your holiday, so here’s another way to put that energy to good use.

Give yourself something to look forward to 

Give yourself something to look forward to

Remember, there’s always the next trip! Even if you’re not quite ready to splash out on booking flights and hotels just yet, there’s a lot of pleasure in just thinking about the places you’d like to visit next.

And when it is time to book next year’s break, you’ll be full of great ideas – as well as knowing where to find all the best bargains.

What’s your favourite way to keep your spirits up once the holiday is over? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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Great advice

babyhk 10/09/2017

Some good tips - thanks .I always do a shop before I go on holiday so I only have to buy chilled and fresh food . I do a least 3 clothes washes when I return so I stock up on an all in one product like Bold to freshen and soften my beach towels. I will always be loyal to Ariel as it gets rid of those tough stains .



run away and stay on holiday :D

planning another holiday

tishist 21/08/2017

I find thinking of our next holiday something to look forward to!


angela 14/08/2017

Always leave house clean and some good advice and tips



These are great tips that I'll use when I go away soon

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