Five hobbies that will give your life some sparkle

Five hobbies that will give your life some sparkle

Add some spice to your life with one of these hobbies that will put a twinkle in your eye…

Add some spice to your life with one of these hobbies that will put a twinkle in your eye…

If you feel stuck in a rut and have found that you’re losing a bit of your sparkle, why not reinvigorate that side of yourself by taking up an exciting new hobby?

You’ll learn new skills, and find out more about yourself and how you tick too. Even better, if your hobby has a cheeky side, it will bring out your cheeky side, too – and whether you’re single or just missing some excitement, this is a great way to inject a bit of va-va-voom into your life…

1. Make sweet music

Learning a musical instrument can do for the brain what circuit training does for the body, because, unlike many other activities, it uses different areas of the brain at once and helps keep it in tip-top condition.

Music is brilliant, too, for connecting you with your emotions, and being able to play someone a tune or two has serious sex appeal.

Guitar is a great one to try because it doesn’t take long to learn some basic chords and once you’ve mastered them you will be able to play hundreds of songs. It’s mobile too, so you can indulge whenever and wherever you like…

2. Rub it in

It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and massage is certainly one that will make you popular – you will probably find no shortage of willing guinea pigs to practice your technique on!

For couples, the skin-on-skin contact is a great way to reconnect with each other and bring back a sexy spark. You could even go on a course as a couple to really get close.

There are many different massage varieties to try, but aromatherapy is a good place to start as you will benefit from the scented oils too. And if you’re fond of fine fragrance, try Lenor Parfum des Secrets. Each of the four fragrances penetrates deep into your laundry, allowing you to carry the seductive scent with you all day.

3. Take to the stage

Trying out the performing arts is a classic way to boost your self-esteem – after all, it takes confidence to overcome stage fright. You could even create an alter-ego – Beyonce does it, performing as Sasha Fierce to get her into her on-stage diva character. So if your hobby can give you a Beyonce-sized helping of sass and sizzle, then surely that’s a good thing…

Whether you choose drama, dance or adding your voice to a local choir, it’s a brilliant way to bond with others and make you shine. And if you are taking to the stage, you’ll want to look your best. Try adding Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream to your beauty routine, as it acts directly on the areas where the signs of ageing are most visible, namely eyes, jawline and neck, so you’ll look as youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside.

4. Kick up your heels

It’s a wonderful workout, a great way to bond with your partner and an excellent opportunity to make new friends – yup, salsa dancing is sexy stuff. And that’s even before you think about how great it can feel to move your body, and the impact this can have on your self-esteem and general health.

You might not be booty-shaking like Jennifer Lopez as soon as you step onto the floor, but that’s not the point. Learning the moves is part of the fun, and you can’t fail to notice – and love! – the impact it has on toning your body (and your partner’s too!).

With all that hip shaking and hair swishing, be sure to use Aussie Pure Locks shampoo and conditioner, to help cleanse and purify your locks – so your hair will be on its best behavior, even if you’re not!

5. Gone to pottery

Using your hands to work a warm lump of clay into a useful object or a work of art can be a really sensual experience – who can forget that sexy scene of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze at the potter’s wheel in Ghost?

Bring a bit of that erotic charge to your life by indulging in a pottery class, and you’ll quickly see the benefits. It’s great for reducing stress, enabling you to express your creativity and strengthening the hands, wrists and arms – now just close your eyes and think of your Patrick Swayze…

Do you have a hobby that brings some sparkle to your life? Let us know what you recommend in the comments section below…

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