Find your perfect holiday bag

Find your perfect holiday bag

Striking the right balance between carrying all your essentials and carefree summer style can be tricky. Follow our guide to find the right bag for you.

So, you’ve chosen all your holiday outfits and packed them up. But the decisions don’t end there. There are so many holiday essentials to bring with you each day – from sunglasses to the latest must-read novel. A good bag is an absolute necessity. But if you’ve only got space to bring one, which is the right choice?
Have a look through our guide to see which style of bag suits your kind of holiday.

Maxi or shopper bag
Somehow you’re always expected to keep track of the whole family’s possessions. Sunscreen for everyone, a camera, games for the young ones, your husband’s book. It’s hard to find the room for all your own essentials! There’s nothing for it, you’re going to need a big bag. Try this style if your preferred holiday is to camp out on the beach. Load your bag up with everyone’s bits and pieces, find the perfect spot, and relax in the knowledge that whatever they ask for, you’ve got it covered.

Satchel or bucket bag
A safe choice, striking a good balance between having enough volume to carry your necessities without weighing you down. Choose satchels if you like to keep things organise in their inner pockets, or a slouchy bucket bags if you’d rather toss everything inside and forget about it. Choose these for a blend of comfort and style.

You like to have plenty of gear with you, but it’s more likely to be a water bottle and a map than a beach towel. The backpack is the ideal choice for the adventurous explorer, allowing you to pack a full complement of provisions for the day when you might be far from shops or restaurants. It’s a great choice for the urban explorer too, especially in chic, smaller styles. Throw in your travel guide and daily essentials, and let your shoulders feel the benefit of the comfortable design.

Clutch bag
Your bold impracticality is admirable. Even if you have a clutch with a metal chain so it can be worn over the shoulder, you’ll be lucky to fit more than a pair of sunglasses inside. Perhaps your holiday is all about looking glam in Ibiza clubs. Or perhaps you’ve just figured out a new strategy: if you can’t carry all the family’s gear, they’ll have to bring their own bags. And perhaps this time, they can carry yours!

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Has to be a backpack

Lesley 24/12/2016

As long as it's black and a no it has room for everything a need for a day out then I don't need to go back to pick anything up

Bag contents

Trewsers 08/05/2016

I always used to end up carrying my other half's bits and pieces and also my friends! I often wondered how they'd manage on a day trip without my capacious bag.

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