Every gadget you need for your holiday

Every gadget you need for your holiday

These days, our gadgets travel with us everywhere we go. Follow this checklist to make sure you’ve packed the must-have holiday electronics.

Holidays are a time for getting away from it all. But as much as we like to disconnect and switch off, there are some electronic devices that are hard to do without, even on holiday. Before you pack your suitcase, take a look at our list of essential electronics for your next trip.

Travel alarm clock
Of course, you may want to leave this switched off for most of your trip and enjoy a well-deserved lie-in. But a good travel alarm clock is invaluable to make sure you catch that early morning flight if you’re travelling in small hotels or villas where there’s no option for an alarm call.

Some of our most treasured memories take place on holiday. Make sure that you’re able to look back at shared moments and wonderful sights, and be sure to pack your camera.

This is an absolute must-have gadget for camping trips. Sleeping under the stars is a wonderful experience, but fumbling around in the dark for your tent is much less fun. Keeping a torch around can come in handy even if you’re closer to the comforts of the city.

Electric toothbrush and razor
Electronics have made personal care items more powerful and convenient than ever. It’s hard to go back to the low-tech methods once you’ve got used to them, so don’t forget your electric toothbrushes and razors when you travel.

For many people, holidays are a time for getting away from it all by getting lost in a good book. Packing an e-reader means enthusiastic bookworms can bring all the reading matter that that they could want – without straining their back or going over the airline’s luggage limit.

Games console
If you’re travelling with children, grandchildren or just someone who’s a child at heart, bringing a portable games console can make travelling much easier. Make sure you pack a few games to keep them busy on long journeys.

Smartphone It’s the device we love to hate, but it can be invaluable when travelling. Consider switching off email to keep you focused on what really matters: using mapping apps to find memorable sights and track down the hottest restaurants.

Healthcare devices
Electronic devices that can track blood pressure and blood-glucose levels are an invaluable part of life for many people with long-term medical conditions. Maintain your peace of mind by making sure you pack these gadgets so you know that you and your loved ones are in the best of health.

Travel adaptors
No list of electronics is complete without a set of travel adaptors, chargers and batteries that are reliable enough to last through your holiday.

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Extra luggage

Vickym 30/06/2016

It's unbelievable how many chargers and adapters you'd have to potentionally take!!!

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