Celebrate that one special person who makes your life unique – YOU!

Celebrate that one special person who makes your life unique – YOU!

Guest editor Carol Vorderman shares why she believes you need to love yourself first.

Guest editor Carol Vorderman shares why she believes you need to love yourself first.

This can be a tough time of year for all of us. We’re battling the cold, and probably getting over the flu (it’s hit so many of us this year). At times like these it can be difficult remembering to stay positive about all the fantastic things we have in our lives.

It was my wonderful son Cameron’s 21st birthday this month. Growing up, Cameron suffered very badly from learning difficulties. When you see your child suffer so much, most days it feels like a knife through the heart. I wanted to make it all better, but there was no magic formula. However, over many, many years and bit by bit, we did - together.

Having been written off by so many people, Cameron is now thriving and studying at university for a degree in animation. I have to tell you that my son is now one of the happiest, most quietly confident, kind, funny, generous young people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. He really is a wonderful human being and I have the greatest joy in being his mother and being a big part of his life. I love him beyond measure. He is a blessing.

And now that Cam is a bit older and more independent, I can spend more time doing something that normally falls by the wayside when life is whizzing past – and that is remembering the ‘me’ priorities in life. The things that boost my wellbeing as a woman, and give me the pizzazz and energy to keep going through good times (and bad). And that starts with love and confidence.

It’s important to love your life, to remember that you are actually pretty great and to do things purely because YOU want to do them. Some words of wisdom that have been whispered to me over the years, and that have always resonated, ask the question, “If you don’t love your life and who you are, how can you expect others to?”

I think that confidence doesn’t just happen, it comes part and parcel with love and how successful we are at loving our lives. The exciting part is in the way it can be applied – especially for us wonderful women. Don’t forget to put value on who you are and what you do, from acknowledging the good things you’ve done and the people you’ve helped. Take a quiet moment to count your blessings and always expect people to treat you with respect.

I hope that the below help remind you why you need to love YOU first, and if you have forgotten, get you back on track.

Write a list

Jot down the things you’re good at and the successes you’ve had – only good things are allowed as the whole point is to boost your confidence. My two children constantly surprise me – they tell me every single day about the things I am best at and how much they love me. They love how I make them laugh, the fact that every day is different and at the randomness of who might appear in the kitchen – in my case it could be a comedian or an astronaut or a fighter pilot or even some lovely person I’ve met on the train!

Don’t let negativity get you down

If it comes from others and it affects you, then you need to learn to not let it get to you. But if it comes from you, it means that you haven’t spent enough time believing that you are lovable. Every time a negative comment comes into your head, write it down and throw it away. It’s symbolic I know, but it does actually work!

Frame it

If there is a great picture of you having a wonderful time, laughing, smiling and enjoying life, put it in a frame to give yourself a physical reminder of the good times.

Give yourself a pep talk

Every day, have at least one great thought about your life. It will give you a boost to think of the blessings in your life.

Take the time

Do things that make you feel good. Indulging in what is important to you will help you boost your positive mental attitude and hopefully remind you of what you are good at, or perhaps just learning to be good at!

I always know when I’m at my happiest as when I’m out walking (which I love to do) I just start skipping down the street. I don’t even know I’m doing it, it just happens and then my brain engages and I know that I’m blissfully happy with my life.

Cull your crowd

Your friendship group should only consist of people who reinforce what you are trying to do for yourself. Surround yourself with people who will only look to help you and don’t be afraid to leave the ones who don’t behind.

Do share your ideas for the best ways to love your life by registering with victoria.co.uk and being part of a bigger community, all trying to do the same thing!

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