A fun night out is just as easy (and important) as ever

A fun night out is just as easy (and important) as ever

Our very own Carol Vorderman shares her top tips for a great evening out as a 50+ woman

Our very own Carol Vorderman shares her top tips for a great evening out as a 50+ woman

I think you all know by now, I am a woman very much intent on getting the most out of my life on this wonderful planet of ours. I know I am quite lucky in that sense – I have a ‘glass almost totally full’ mentality and will always look for the positive in any given situation. If I ‘feel the need’, then I’ll do my best to make it happen whether it’s flying my little plane, seeing rocket launches, hanging out with old friends or walking our beautiful countryside and coastline.

As a Mum of two grown up children I now have the luxury of having more free time (when I am not working that is). More time means I can get my glad rags on and take myself out more than once in a blue moon. It’s a freedom I take advantage of as much as possible, going to stay with some of my friends around the world as much as I can. I love the variety of life and ways in which to live it. We can learn so much from spending time with each other.

As well as making sure that I am actively engaging in as many social situations as possible, I make sure that I am continuously learning, it’s something I thirst for, I crave it. Learning is as much fun to me as other things. It gives me a sense of deep contentment, and I suppose that’s something which we must appreciate…we all gain pleasure from different things. Live and let live.

But at the heart of it, I love meeting new people, making new friendships and generally putting myself out there in the big wide world and seeing what might happen. You never know who you might meet. You are also never too old or set in your ways to experience something new and different, even if it doesn’t come totally naturally to you (cue rallying cry!). Some of my best most exciting interesting friends are those I’ve met since I’ve been 50.

I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up of being told that we are past our ‘sell by date’ when we hit the 50+ mark. I know there are loads of us who are taking the ‘50+ bull’ by the horns and are really going for it. So, for all of you social bunnies or timid wallflowers, here are my top tips for a good time!

Just say yes – be indiscriminate: Why not give that singles dance class and drinks event a go (or whatever it might be). Throw caution to the wind when it comes to accepting invitations. Go once, if you don’t like it, don’t go twice…simple!

Give yourself goals: If you are struggling with the number of opportunities you have, and feel like you are more wallflower than extrovert, put a number on it and aim to achieve 2 per month for example, achievable is not intimidating.

The sky is the limit: On the other hand, we have fewer day to day responsibilities now we are 50+ if you want to go out every night of the week, go for it!

Take the time to feel your best version of you: I know that confidence for me comes from within, a dollop of make-up of course helps, but when you are feeling good on the inside, generally you have a great time wherever you are, whoever you are with and whatever you are doing.

Take a friend: Even the most confident person sometimes needs a wing woman. I often arrange to meet a friend before I head out so we arrive together.

Be unapologetic (within reason!): Do what makes you happy, we have already spent a lifetime doing things for others surely, it’s our time now?

Every experience has a theme tune: I love music and I think it can really affect your mood. I will always put on some of my favourite upbeat songs at home before I go out.

And for the morning after the night before: Rehydrate. If I have been up late, and want to feel fresh and ready to face the new day with enthusiasm, I will make sure that I have a glass of water before bed.

I'd love to hear your ideas for a perfect night out in the comments section. Get yourself a deal on beauty products for the night...or maybe the day after! Just make sure you are registered to get all the benefits!

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