8 packing essentials you need for EVERY summer holiday

8 packing essentials you need for EVERY summer holiday

Whether you’re going on a hand-luggage-only weekend or a two-week all-inclusive, be sure to tick these essentials off your packing list before you leave for the airport.

Whether you’re going on a hand-luggage-only weekend or a two-week all-inclusive, be sure to tick these essentials off your packing list before you leave for the airport.

1. A swimsuit you feel great in

You may feel a little less confident about hitting the beach or pool now you’re over 50, but the right swimwear can do wonders.

You can tuck a tummy into retro high-waist bikini bottoms, sculpt a waist with a swimsuit that has a dark panel down the middle and lighter colours on the side, hide tops-of-arms but show off tanned shoulders with an off-the-shoulder frilly bikini top, and so much more. For more ideas check out the Swimwear trends your body will love.

Finally, accessorise with a wide-brimmed sunhat, fabulous oversized sunglasses and a floaty kaftan, and you’ll be giving those twenty-somethings a run for their holiday money.

2. Metallic sandals

Whether you’re strolling to the beach bar or negotiating the cobbles of a mountain village, comfy shoes are a must. But you don’t have to resign yourself to a pair of walking sandals. Instead, choose ones made with soft leather with an ankle strap and wide strap or two around the foot to offer good support, and go for a cushioned sole. (But do pack blister plasters as a precaution!)

A metallic pair will look stylish and go with everything – just match the colour to the jewellery you like to wear, whether gold, silver, bronze or rose.

3. The day-to-night dress

A floaty summer dress is the number one item of clothing to pack, as you can throw it over your swimsuit when you go for breakfast, or dress it up for dinner.

A maxi dress with a flirty off-the-shoulder sleeve is perfect. Try cinching in the waist with a belt, wearing your hair up with some wisps falling around your face – or if it’s short, brushing it back and tucking it behind your ears – and add a pair of statement earrings and some colourful bangles. Gorgeous.

4. A pashmina

To help stave off the evening chill, a pashmina is perfect for adding interest to your outfit, as well as keeping you warm. If most of your outfits have patterns and prints, choose one in a solid colour, or vice versa.

You can also wrap this versatile piece around your waist when you’re in your swimsuit, or wear it as a scarf when you head into town. Going on a road trip? Wear it as a headscarf for instant 1950s-style glamour.

5. A versatile bag

You need something that’s big enough for your beach towel but stylish enough to carry on your arm when you’re exploring the town. Also, look for something that closes securely so everything is stored away safely. A straw tote bag with a zip or a large drawstring pouch bag are great options.

6. Your favourite shampoo and conditioner

When you’re faced with liquid restrictions, it’s tempting to rely on the shampoo and conditioner supplied by your hotel, but you’ll regret this as soon as you wash your parched holiday hair.

Instead, transfer your shampoo and conditioner into travel-size bottles. But remember, you may need to adapt your haircare to counteract the potential issues hot weather can cause. For example, if you have a sensitive scalp, stave off dandruff with Head & Shoulders Nourishing Care Shampoo; for hair that goes dry and frizzy in the heat, you’ll want to pack the powerful Pantene Pro-V Repair 3 Minute Miracle conditioner to keep it silky smooth; or if you need to prevent your new colour from fading in the sun, try Aussie Colour Mate, which has extracts of Australian peach, so you’ll smell delicious, too.

7. Bronzer and a bold lipstick

You know how damaging the sun’s rays are on your skin, so why not protect your face with a high SPF, and fake your tan with bronzer instead?

Simply lightly brush a powder a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone where the sun naturally falls – so your forehead, cheekbones and nose. Then show off that glow with a bright pink, coral or orange lipstick.

8. Always Discreet

If you have a sensitive bladder, you could be put off travelling altogether. But with Always Discreet you can travel with confidence, thanks to the thin but ultra-absorbent pads that will keep you dry and odour-free. And they’re so discreet, you can wear them under all your favourite holiday outfits, safe in the knowledge that no one will suspect a thing.

…oh and – of course – don’t forget your passport!

What can’t you go on holiday without? Let us know in the comments section below…

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