It’s never too late! 5 ways to change your life with just one holiday

It’s never too late! 5 ways to change your life with just one holiday

Trade your next tried-and-tested package deal for the holiday of a lifetime, and you’ll come back a new woman.

Trade your next tried-and-tested package deal for the holiday of a lifetime, and you’ll come back a new woman.

There’s nothing wrong with spending a week or two lying on a beach, but you might find that a more adventurous holiday idea will renew you like no all-inclusive ever could.

From learning a new language to travelling with strangers, if you travel outside your comfort zone, you’ll start to see holidays in a new light: as an opportunity to grow, learn and gain new perspectives, rather than just work on your tan.

If you’re being put off travelling due to your sensitive bladder, simply make sure you pack Always Discreet pads, which absorb any leaks and odours, and are so thin you can confidently wear them under your holiday clothes.

So with that sorted, it’s time to start planning your trip of a lifetime…

Be an agritourist

Always dreamt of living in a picture-perfect farmhouse in rolling Italian countryside? You can sample this life via agritourism. This is when you stay with local people in a rural area, usually in part exchange for helping out with jobs on their farm, such as feeding the animals, picking fruit and tending to fruit and veg plots.

It’s a fantastic way of getting to know to the locals (perhaps learning a new language as you go – see below), discovering a different way of life, getting out into nature and learning new skills.

Travel with strangers

If you’re single, finding someone to travel with can be tricky – or even if you’re not, finding a holiday that both you and your partner want to go on can be just as hard!

Luckily, solo travel is not only for gap-year students. Many travel companies have sections dedicated to group travel for solo travellers aged 50+, so have a think about where you would ideally like to go, and find an itinerary that suits you.

Everyone else is in the same boat, so it will be easy to get chatting to your fellow travellers. And sharing experiences is the perfect way to turn a group of strangers into a group of friends.

Complete a personal goal

Whether it’s to walk the Inca Trail, go skydiving or see the seven wonders of the world, ticking off something (or, indeed, seven things!) you have always dreamt of doing but never quite got around to – or found the nerve to do – is a surefire way of making you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Go on, make this the year you cross off that long-held goal.


We all know doing good for others is unbeatable in the feel-good stakes, so why not make your next holiday a volunteering trip? From marine and wildlife conservation, child or animal care, health care and teaching, you can put your skills to good use and really make a difference.

Many companies offer opportunities for over-50s, so you can meet like-minded folk, as well as having the most rewarding holiday of your life.

Learn a language

Learning a new language is a fantastic way of keeping your brain alert and exercising your memory, which in turn helps to lower the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Why not pick a country you’ve always wanted to visit and dedicate yourself to learning the local language before you go? You can then put yourself to the test my immersing yourself in the culture and practising the lingo with the locals – ça sonne bien, non?

What holiday of a lifetime are you planning? Let us know in the comments section below.

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