5 perfect places to have a picnic this summer

5 perfect places to have a picnic this summer

Open-air eating is one of the joys of this season, so we’ve rounded up the best spots to lay your picnic blanket.

Open-air eating is one of the joys of this season, so we’ve rounded up the best spots to lay your picnic blanket.

Rolling out a rug and enjoying sandwiches in the sun is one of life’s simple pleasures. But if you’re looking for something a little more romantic than fighting off flies in the local park, we’ve got five ideas to inspire you.

And if you like these, be sure to also check out our tips on how to host a sophisticated picnic to elevate your spread from soggy sausage rolls to fine al-fresco dining.

1. A historical house

Stately homes often have beautifully manicured gardens, so why not combine a tour of the house with a picnic in its grounds?

Remember to check if it’s the school holidays before you go – if you want a peaceful picnic, it’s best to avoid these times! To find places to visit near you, check out english-heritage.org.uk.

2. Your living room

Got a rainy Sunday on your hands? Lay out a blanket with some cushions, gather together your picnic nibbles and put on a favourite old film. The best bit? There’s no need to panic if you find you’ve forgotten to pack the corkscrew!

You can even bring the smells of summer to your picnic by washing your blanket, clothes and linens with Bold 3in1 Pods. Choose from the gorgeous seasonal scents of Lavender & Camomile, Lotus Flower & White Lily, Sparkling Bloom & Yellow Poppy, and Gold Orchid & Moringa, and your home will smell of summer every day, even if it’s pouring outside.

3. A hilltop with a view

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as you tuck into your picnic with a view. Don’t be put off by having to hike up a hill – even a gentle incline will reward you with better views than you would get at ground level.

To help, instead of a classic picnic box or basket, invest in a specialist rucksack that has slots for your tableware, beakers, food and drink. It will be much easier to carry up the hill, and will help you keep your balance.

4. A lakeside lunch

Being beside a body of water invariably has a calming effect on many of us. Imagine watching the sun glisten on the rippling waters as you eat – it makes for a delightfully relaxing meal.

5. Gorgeous gardens

Botanical, Japanese, topiary, walled… there are a huge variety of gardens to visit all over the UK. You can’t fail to be inspired when you’re surrounded by pretty flowers and beautiful blooms.

Some gardens have a café on site, so may have rules about allowing picnics. If this is the case, simply stock up on sandwiches at the café and find a bench among the flowers. This is much nicer than eating inside a gloomy café with everyone else.

Where’s your favourite place to have a picnic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Holiday Picnic Spot

Olliebeak1951 31/07/2018

My favourite place for a picnic is in Glen Nevis, by the River Nevis. The mountains, the flowing water, the open meadow by the side of the river ................... all contribute to make this such a beautiful place.

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