Vinegar versus Viakal: what’s your money on?


White wine vinegar is no substitute when it comes to beating – and preventing – limescale. Here’s why...

White wine vinegar is no substitute when it comes to beating – and preventing – limescale. Here’s why...

White wine vinegar is often championed as a great household product that gets rid of limescale.

And while it is good for dissolving limescale in kettles, for example, when it comes to your surfaces, you should use a specially formulated cleaning product, such as Viakal Limescale Remover.

This is because, unlike vinegar, Viakal works not only to dissolve limescale, but also to prevent it from building up again.

Watch our video above to see what happens when vinegar and Viakal are pitched against each other so you can see the results for yourself.

Have you tried Viakal? Let us know what you thought in the comments section below, or on our tried and tested page.

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Will 14/12/2017

My friend recommended it to me! I am so grateful because Viakal has taken the hard work out of keeping the shower cubicles limescale free! It makes it look like new

Cruelty Free

Janet 16/07/2017

I will not use Viakal as it's not cruelty free.


invictus 15/07/2017

Love Viakal for cleaning my sinks and bathroom

viakal is the winner


This product is amazing. I discovered it years ago in the army. The only thing to stop sarg shouting because of stains. my saviour.

Viakal for me

Theresa 28/06/2017

It has to be Viakal every time for me - it works really well and does not smell like vinegar does

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