The smells you don’t notice – but your guests do


Have you gone nose blind like Sarah and her pooch Jack? Watch Ambi Pur’s video to find out how to beat those pet-related pongs.


No matter how much you love them, there’s no denying your beloved pet has probably given your home an unpleasant pong. You may not notice it anymore, but guests will.

Indeed, in Ambi Pur’s campaign video, guests at Sarah’s house – which is also home to British bulldog Jack – feel like they’re quite literally in the doghouse.

But an Ambi-Pur plug-in air freshener will continuously eliminate odours for up to 90 days, leaving your home smelling fresh and your guests happy.

Watch the video to find out more.

Have you tried an Ambi-Pur plug-in? Let us know in the comments section below or on its tried and tested page.

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Please let me try

catriona 13/06/2018

I have animals and can't get anything too make my house smell wonderful please thanks x

Beware asthma triggers


Chemicals in plug-in fresheners make me wheezy. Friends say the fresheners set off their asthma. Bear in mind that your guests (and perhaps you yourself) won't "breathe happy" with those sort of effects, and may prefer to smell your pooch or other household smells rather than have an asthma attack! You could always try the old-fashioned method of dealing with smells by cleaning & vacuuming & - shock, horror - opening the window to let in fresh air for free!!

Febreeze plug ins

Jane 25/03/2017

I use plug ins i have one in the living room one in hall and one on landing all the same everybody comments how lovely and fresh my house smells

spring freshness

louisemcewan38 23/03/2017

I like using them especially as I have a dog and also smokers living in my house. Its like having spring freshness everyday.


Mike 08/01/2017

Ambi pur I've heard of it but never tried it so cannot in all honesty cannot comment as of yet

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