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invictus 27/10/2017

Toothbrush tip is great!!

Flash in a dash

Lois 08/06/2017

I have stainless steel and the fiddly bits will be so much easier to clean with this tip

Steel Cooker Splash Back

SpanishSun 02/05/2017

After cleaning, pour a little cooking oil on to kitchen paper and wipe over. Shines up lovely. Works on stainless steel hob too. Just try not to do what I did, and get it on one of the burner rings..... its not a great thing to do! :-) Otherwise it works great.

Toothbrush magic

Jackson52 02/05/2017

Thanks for the tip about the toothbrush - it was great for getting rid of all those annoying crumbs which gather around the edge of my ceramic hob.

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