Does your sofa smell like last night’s takeaway?


Lingering food funks can makeyour living room smell likea greasy spoon café. Watch this video to find out how Febreze Fabric Refresher can help.


But just a few sprays of Febreze Fabric Refresher on the sofa, armchair and carpet eliminates lingering odours and leaves a light, fresh fragrance, instantly refreshing your room.

Watch this Febreze video to find out more.

Have you tried Febreze Fabric Refresher? Let us know in the comments section below or on its tried and tested page.

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Fragrance in a bottle

Teresa 30/05/2017

I always spray Fabreze around my house of a nightime before going to bed and a little on the lightbulbs..when i get up in the mor ing its like stepping in a new home.wouldnt be without it..freshair in a spraycan

Heaven Scent

Carol 18/05/2017

Fabreze has never let me down whatever the situation or emergency, Love it. Carol


sean 07/02/2017

I have a male cat, and febreze it keep my house febreze fresh


David 17/01/2017

We have 3 cats and a dog and we use febreze all over the house so it smells fresh and not animal selly

Room saver

Maryrose 14/01/2017

I could not live without all the different scents from febreeze. I use them in my 94 year olds mothers house which can help with the old persons smell which (they can't help of course ) but it leaves it smelling fresh

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