Clean up after your mucky pup in a Flash (Ah-ah)


Where has all the mud gone? Watch the nation’s new hero, Flash Dog, investigate –and we bet you can’t help but sing along…


We love our pets, but what we don’t love is the mess they can bring into the house. Especially in the winter months, a walkies in the rain results in muddy paw prints trailing through the house and a mud-caked bath.

In Flash’s brilliant new ad, Flash Dog enjoys a particularly muddy stroll and relishes shaking it all off around his poor owner’s kitchen and bathroom. However, she uses Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner on her floors and to wipe down surfaces and the bath, leaving Flash Dog to wonder, “Where the hell has all the mud gone?”

Watch the video to see the adorable Flash Dog singing (yes, singing) about his confusion, and how his owner got her house looking paw-fect again. Warning: the song will be stuck in your head for days…

What do you think of the Flash Dog video? Let us know in the comments section below.

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singing dog

sara 18/03/2018

I absolutely love this advert & the new version fab use of the song Flash by queen -amazingly done

Flash magic

Linda 11/06/2017

I always use Flash when my dog Sam comes home from the park. He gets so mucky & wet so after his shower I desparetly reach for my flash!!

Love it

Samantha 17/05/2017

Love this advert so catchy

just a matter of time

Chris 13/03/2017

Is Freddie turning over in his grave!? It certainly sticks in your head!! It's good comical advert that makes its own"mark" excuse the pun! As for the product - brilliant ! It does what it says on the tin- sorry wrong ad!😃

Winter wonder

Wendy 10/02/2017

If you've girfgirf a dog then you need this flash. Its fantastic at cleaning up all that mud

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