When pets get smelly but you love them more than ever

When pets get smelly but you love them more than ever

How to keep your home smelling sweet however many furry friends you’ve got

However crazy we are about our pets, they may not always smell delightful, especially if they’re getting on a bit. They can even make our homes a bit whiffy. However, it doesn’t take lots of time and effort to keep things smelling more rosy than Rover-y.

Prevention is better than cure

A well-cared for pet is much less likely to smell than a neglected one, so regular grooming, including baths are a good idea. Don’t forget to pay attention to your pooch’s oral hygiene too. Dog breath can be all too real!

Think pet paraphernalia

Your furry friend’s bedding, toys and food bowls could all be contributing to bad smells in your home. To help stop this, ensure you keep everything they come into contact with clean; wash their food bowls as you would your family’s dishes and wash bedding and washable toys thoroughly and regularly.

Clean often

Vacuuming and cleaning surfaces often stops unwanted smells being allowed to develop. Remember to throw open the windows regularly too. If your pet has an accident – and very young or very old pets can be prone to this – it’s important to deal with it as quickly as possible. Just clear the affected area, sprinkle on some baking soda and then vacuum once you’ve allowed it to dry.

Get the right kit

Despite all your best intentions and your dog or cat being on their best behaviour, odours sometimes linger like, well, a bad smell. If your pet spends any time on your sofa or other soft furnishings, then a good spray of Febreze Fabric Refresher on any affected areas will do wonders. For a continuous solution use Ambi Pur Plug In air fresheners throughout your home.
WHAT ARE YOUR TIPS? We’d love to hear how you banish pet smells.

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Border n cavalier beds

Lynda 06/06/2017

I make my beds next blankit's for my babies so I always add some fresh lavender (French is the best one)sachets I make up and add into the inners while stuffing or if I'm using foam I cut a section out and add to the foam. Just the daily shake of the bed and it really ignites the fragrance.also same done for blankets.

Pet smells

Lee ge 18/05/2017

I put a little febreeze into my water container of my carpet washer and it smells awesome,

Three dogs and no smells

Happijojo 30/05/2016

Can't do without febreze in my home! People always comment that even with 3smll dogs, there's no "dog" smell 😊

3 yr old daughter pees in bed

Anitajoh473 30/05/2016

When my adorable 3 yr old daughter peed the bed. I wiped and dried it and sprayed febreze, perfect to de-odorise the smell. Life saver!

Bye Bye Pet smell

invictus 29/05/2016

Febreze fabric refresher is fantastic for getting rid of my kitten's bad smells,a little spray a few times a day when he is asleep in his basket and you would never know he lived here!

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