Keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long

Keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long

This summer, make sure your home is bright and fresh, not sweltering and stuffy. Just follow these tips for a relaxing home in the warmest months.

The first hot days of the summer are a glorious novelty, but after a while you can start to wilt. Most of us haven’t got air-conditioned homes or buildings designed to keep cool. So maintaining a home that feels relaxed and fresh when everything outside is hot and muggy can seem like a challenge. But with these simple tips, you’ll be able to beat the heat and relax in style.

1. Draw the blinds and open the windows
Spend any time in a hot country and you’ll notice that the homes are shut up like fortresses during the day. That’s to prevent the house from heating up like a greenhouse: about 40 per cent of your home’s heat comes in through the glass. Draw the curtains or close the blinds during the day and open the windows if you can. This way, you’ll prevent your home warming up too much in the heat of the day, and you’ll be able to breathe easy at night.

2. Keep bed linen clean
Nothing feels quite as good as slipping between fresh sheets, especially when the weather is hot and sticky. But the warm weather makes it more important than ever to wash bed linen once a week, since the nights can get sweaty. Using Fairy Non-Bio Washing Liquid will get your sheets back to brilliant white while staying soft on your skin, ensuring that there’s no irritation when you climb into a bed with clean, crisp linen.

3. Create a cross-breeze
When it’s hot and muggy, you need a breeze. Fortunately, you can make your own, although it might take some experimentation. Ever had the windows open and seen a powerful draft slam a door shut? That’s the effect you’re aiming for. Open some downstairs windows halfway as an inlet, prop open connecting doors and open the windows wide upstairs on the other side of the house. Cool air will enter on the ground floor and drive hot air out of the house through the windows.

4. Bring in some flowers from the garden
While summer’s here, you’ll want to make the most of it. Arranging cut flowers around the house is a celebration of nature’s colour after the dull winter months and it fills the rooms with glorious scent. That can be an added bonus in replacing any of summer’s less salubrious smells and stuffiness. Look for flowers that are just starting to open or have only just opened, to maximise their life in the home and combine with some stems or green leaves and ferns.

5. Light some candles
We admit it: this is mostly just for a relaxing atmosphere. There’s nothing like sitting back on a warm evening among flickering lights. There are a few other benefits too: you can use citronella candles to help disperse insects outside, and if you’re using candles inside then it helps keep the room cool, compared to bright incandescent bulbs, which give off most of their energy as heat. But mostly it’s about that romantic look. And why not?

6. Make ice lollies
One fun and nostalgic way to cool down at home is to make your own ice lollies. Any drink that you enjoy can be frozen in shop-bought moulds: more acidic drinks might benefit from a touch of extra sugar dissolved in the mix, to make up for the way cold dulls our tastebuds. Or why not try something more grown-up? Make up a batch of Pimm’s (three parts lemonade to one part Pimm’s – add chopped soft fruit if you like) and freeze to make boozy lollies.

7. Go easy on the oven
Turning on an oven at 180°C is the last thing you want when the mercury is already climbing in the thermometer. So try swapping hot meals for fresh, crisp salads. There’s the added benefit that lighter meals help our bodies keep cooler. If the carnivores in your family start to get restless, then a barbecue is guaranteed to cheer them up. Cooking outside will avoid heating up the house and allows you all to enjoy the cooler evening air. You might even get to take a night off from cooking!

Do you have a favourite tip for keeping your home comfortable in the summer months? Let us know!

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