Wet walkies: 5 tips for walking your dog when it rains

Wet walkies: 5 tips for walking your dog when it rains

Resist those puppy dog eyes no more – here’s how to enjoy walking your dog even when it’s pouring outside

Resist those puppy dog eyes no more – here’s how to enjoy walking your dog even when it’s pouring outside (including how to get rid of that wet dog smell)

If you’re a new dog owner, the idea of taking your pet pooch for long walks in the glorious summer sunshine was undoubtedly one of the pros for getting one.

But as autumn rolls in, so too does the rain – and you quickly learn the con of being a dog owner: that wet dog smell.

But instead of resigning yourself to staying indoors on rainy days and trying to avoid their sad puppy dog eyes, just make sure you’re well prepared with our five tips so you can both embrace walkies whatever the weather.

Grab your wellies

Even if it’s not raining when you leave it’s worth double-checking the forecast, as getting stuck in the rain in the wrong clothing will leave you decidedly soggy.

Wellies are a good bet, and a waterproof coat with a hood is a better idea than an umbrella, which you’ll probably struggle to hold alongside the dog lead when that British wind is blowing.

If it’s dark, remember to wear a reflective vest and, if your dog is happy to wear one, buy them a waterproof jacket with reflective stripes too. This will also help with the post-walk clean-up, but many dogs don’t like wearing them so don’t force it as they’ll only roll around trying to get it off.

Soak it all up

Instead of seeing the rain as miserable, embrace your inner child and enjoy it.

Splash in puddles, breathe in the smell as it kicks up the earth, appreciate that it is rain that helps to create this green and pleasant land, and think about how cosy you’ll feel once you go back inside and have a steaming cup of tea and change into dry, clean clothes. Maybe even treat yourself to a hot bubble bath. We think you deserve it.

Head for the park

Instead of walking for miles to wear them out, take them to the park to play fetch. Let them off the leash and take shelter under a tree while they tear around.

They will get muddier this way, admittedly, but you’ll have to dry them off anyway so what’s a bit of mud in the mix?

Another benefit of the park is you can steer clear of busy roads where you and your dog will probably get splashed by passing cars, which is no fun for anyone (apart from maybe the driver if they have a cruel sense of humour).

Be prepared

If you’ve had to drive to the park, take a towel with you to dry off any excess water and cover your boot or seats in old towels, too.

Once home, hose any mud off your dog in the back garden and towel her as best you can to prevent her shaking off the water once you go inside.

Place out a big, washable rug on the floor just inside the door and put some more towels within reach, along with a hairdryer. Be sure to use the dryer on a low heat and keep it at a good distance so as to not risk burning your pooch.

Set to work while still wearing your waterproofs to stop your clothes getting wet and muddy.

Get rid of that wet dog smell

There’s no denying, no matter how much you love them, your dog smells when wet.

By the time she’s dry you may have gone “noseblind” to it, but anyone else will notice that wet dog smell as soon as they walk into your house.

Eliminate the odour by spraying the air with Febreze Air Effects, which will neutralise the bad smell and release a light, subtle fragrance. If you drove your pooch to the park, don’t forget to spray your car as well!

For more tips on keeping your home free from pet-related pongs, see our article on When pets get smelly but you love them more than ever.

Do you have any tips for walking dogs in the rain? Let us know in the comments section below.

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my English Bull terrier hates the rain so it's great she won't go out unless she's desperate she loves snow and rivers ri get rid her smell use doggy deodorant it works wonders.

Four smelly Staffies

PaulN51 19/10/2016

My monsters don't really smell or have dog breath I've been told? But I definitely notice something when we come in from the rain and shake dry in the entrance it then smells like dog central of Bermondsey.

Be prepared

Trickey 08/09/2016

My dog loves the woods much more sheltered in the rain but can be muddier if your dog likes getting messy thankfully mine doesn't .If it's raining too hard for the woods I use it for a road walk he loves the change and I make sure I use alleys and places that have a little shelter unless he is a little dirty then I give him a nice power walk in the rain!When home I always keep a few towels right by the front door and his water bowl so he stays in the hall for a few minutes to shake himself off

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