Why now’s the best time of life to get a dog

Why now’s the best time of life to get a dog

If you’ve been considering adopting a pooch, here are four reasons to go for it.

If you’ve been considering adopting a pooch, here are four reasons to go for it.

Getting a dog can be a total life-changer. Indeed, in hindsight you’ll wonder what life was like before the little bundle of fur came into your life to cuddle, play and love.

However, getting a dog is a big commitment. They need a lot of love and care and you won’t be able to be as spontaneous as you might wish to be, so if you’re big on travelling, for example, you will need to consider this carefully.

They’re also a high-maintenance pet that need a lot of attention and energy, so do lots of research, and don’t forget to consider the expenses involved in keeping them, feeding them, and paying the vet should they get sick or injured.

But if you think the below positives outweigh the responsibilities, then it could be time to welcome a new addition to your family.

They’re great company

If your children have flown the nest, or perhaps you’ve recently been through a break-up or divorce, you could be feeling a little lonely, and perhaps like you’re ‘rattling around’ in the family home.

Dogs are full of life, love, and are loyal to the bone. They’re wonderful company, and give you someone to play with, cuddle and even talk to (although don’t expect much more than a few funny facial expressions back!).

Their typical traits vary from breed to breed so do your research and choose carefully. You might not want a really high-energy pup, for example, as he could wear you out, but a playful yet docile doggy could be just what you need.

They keep you in a routine

Working or raising children gives a sense of routine to your day, so if you’re retired or your children are old enough to look after themselves now, you can lose that structure, and each day begins to merge into the next.

Caring for a dog, however, involves routine, as you have to feed them twice a day and walk them at least once a day.

This is great for giving each day a sense of purpose and order, which you can start to miss without work or the kids around.

They keep you active

The daily doggy walks are a brilliant form of exercise. They’re also great for your wellbeing, as getting out into nature is proven to lift the spirits, as you breath in fresh air and absorb the great outdoors.

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They’re great for the grandkids

Being around a dog teaches kids about responsibility, compassion, patience and sociability – not to mention they’re a lot of fun to play with!

However, your child’s family may not want or be able to have a dog full-time, so it’s the perfect opportunity for your grandchildren to enjoy the benefits of having a pet without them having to shoulder the responsibility and commitment that comes with having one.

Plus it gives the grandkids a great excuse to visit you, and you a fantastic way to keep them entertained with ease.

Do you own a dog? Let us know what you love about having one at this time of life in the comments section below.

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