The longest-lasting scent your home's ever known

The longest-lasting scent your home's ever known

Whether you’re missing the fresh scents of summer or need a sophisticated cover-up for those cooking aromas, new Unstoppables will revolutionise your home fragrance.

Unpleasant smells in the house are inevitable – but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Try these tips to replace them with beautiful fragrances.

There’s no feeling quite like coming home – stepping back into that familiar space and surrounding yourself with the comforts you love.

But that lovely cosy feeling can easily be spoiled. Pets, cooking smells, or just the age of your home can all take their toll and can leave your house with a scent that’s less than fresh.

Getting rid of bad odours doesn’t mean you need to put your life on hold and spend hours cleaning carpets and scrubbing the walls.

Just try these unbelievably simple home hacks to revitalise your home with fresh, wonderfully scented air.

Fill the whole house with scent

For a fast-acting way to gently fill your home with beautiful fragrance up and down the halls, reach for Febreze Unstoppables Wax Melts.

Unlike candles, you don’t need a flame for these to spread their scent, so you can let them work their magic day or night. They get to work in moments and last for hours and hours.

Make storage smell sweet

The next step is to target those hidden corners where smells can fester. Just pick up a mesh or muslin bag and fill it with Lenor Unstoppables to make your own handy fragrant sachet.

The scented beads can go in linen drawers, cellars or even the bottom of your husband’s shoes. With up to 12 weeks of amazing freshness, they can tackle even the least fragrant corners of your home!

Give your washing loads of freshness

If you love that Unstoppables fragrance in your home, it’s only natural to start enjoying it on your clothes too, so you can be wrapped up in freshness all day long. Just add Lenor Unstoppables to your usual wash for gorgeous, lasting scent.

But you needn’t stop with the family’s clothing. Pop washable curtains, soft furnishing covers and even the pet’s bedding into the machine with these magic scented beads to give them a fragrance that will make your home a delight.

Bin those rubbish smells

From discarded fish bones to rotting veg, it’s no wonder that our bins start to smell. Little spills and tears in the black bag can soon add up to a breeding ground for smelly bacteria in the bottom of the bin.

From time to time you’ll need to rinse it out, but you can keep it smelling fresh in the meantime by placing a spoonful of Lenor Unstoppables in a plastic bag with holes poked into it and placing it at the bottom of the bin. Now that rubbish smell is a thing of the past.

How do you tackle unpleasant smells in the home? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below.

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