The 15-minute kitchen clean

The 15-minute kitchen clean

When time is short and the kitchen’s a bombsite, here’s how to transform it in just a quarter of an hour.

With spring finally here, you don’t want to be stuck inside a minute longer than you have to be. But don’t worry, this speedy kitchen routine will soon have you out in the fresh air.

Weren’t we supposed to have oceans of time on our hands by this point in our lives? Hmm… turns out life’s still pretty hectic! Which is why it’s useful to have this super-speedy, almost effortless kitchen clean up your sleeve. A 15-minute whirlwind, leaving you time to get out and enjoy yourself, your way.

Minute 1

Clear all counters and throw out any packaging. Put all foodstuffs away.

Minutes 2-5

Load everything into your dishwasher and switch it on. With Fairy Platinum dishwasher tablets there’s no need to rinse. Plus they’re so powerful, they not only clean your dishes, but also remove hidden grease from your dishwasher… And a cleaner dishwasher means you get sparkling clean dishes wash after wash, saving time every day.

Minutes 5-8

Hand-wash anything left over using Fairy Liquid Platinum and then wipe down your sink, drainer and squeeze out the washing-up cloth.

Minutes 8-10

Clear any clutter, like bills and paperwork. Pop old newspapers and magazines into the recycling.

Minutes 10-12

Grab your Flash Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner  and wipe down work surfaces, your hob and the fridge.

Minutes 13-15

Grab the hoover or a brush and sweep the floors. Finish off with a spritz of Febreze Air Effects to eliminate any remaining odours and leave a fresh, clean-smelling scent.


Do you have any tips for spending less time on cleaning? Share your ideas in the comments box below.

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Yes please

adrian 20/06/2017

If this if half as good as the other Fairy products I would love to try it out please

Cooking and cleaning

Jeanette 14/06/2017

My Auntie gave me some good advice when I told her my fiancé and I wanted to live together, she said who cooks gets to sit down while the other washes up and tidys the kitchen. I took her advice, works well!

give it a try

Wendy 23/05/2017

l will give all the tips a try

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