The big pre-Christmas clean-up

The big pre-Christmas clean-up

When the festivities get going there’ll be no time to tackle the mess, so get ahead of the chaos by following our guide to seasonal cleaning.

When the festivities get going there’ll be no time to tackle the mess, so get ahead of the chaos by following our guide to seasonal cleaning.

Christmas goes much more smoothly when you’ve got a plan. From sending the Christmas cards on time to defrosting the turkey, a bit of preparation goes a long way.

That goes for cleaning too. There’s one big advantage to getting a big clean-up finished before Christmas: you can give yourself the rest of the festive season off. That’s a big relief when you know you’ve got to do enough cooking to feed an army when the whole family shows up.

That’s why we’ve drawn up this handy guide to getting your home shipshape before the Christmas craziness gets under way: just follow these steps and you’ll be finished in no time.


You’ll be spending enough time over Christmas in the kitchen that it pays to get it clean and organised. Try tackling the laundry basket first so you won’t have to worry about it when things get busy.

Clear out the fridge – you’ll be glad of all the space when you’ve stocked up with seasonal goodies. When you’ve emptied it, take the chance to clean all the shelves with a spritz of Flash Anti-bac Plus – it’ll leave the glass spotless and stop smells building up.

Lastly, wipe down all the counters with Flash All-purpose Spray and mop the floors with Flash Floor Liquid for a sparkling finish in minutes.

Guest bedrooms

Make sure guests get a warm welcome by getting their room ready in advance. Put clean sheets on the bed, give the room a vacuum and polish the surfaces. Make sure you clear out any junk that’s accumulated in the drawers or wardrobes so your guests have somewhere to put all their things.

For more tips on creating a welcoming atmosphere in your guest room this Christmas, take a look at our dedicated guide.


A clean bathroom is crucial for keeping germs at bay, and you don’t want anyone getting ill over Christmas and missing all the fun. So blitz the bathroom before things get to busy and it’ll be easier to maintain the cleanliness levels over the holiday.

With Flash Bathroom Cleaner you can quickly dissolve away soap scum and watermarks. Once you’ve finished, Flash keeps on working too, so your bathroom stays cleaner for longer.

Living room

Cosying up in front of a roaring fire or watching your favourite show’s Christmas special is so much nicer when everything’s clean and tidy. So give the carpet a good vacuum before it’s buried under a pile of wrapping paper.

And if you’ve had any little mishaps over recent weeks – from grandkids using crayon on the walls to scuff marks from heaving off your winter boots – now’s the time to tackle them. Just whip out the Flash Magic Eraser and see how effortlessly it lifts away stains you thought you were stuck with.

What’s your pre-Christmas cleaning routine? Share your suggestions in the comments below.

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that beautiful smell

nancy 25/12/2017

to tell you the truth I have never use bold but would love to try this product to see how good it is so I can tell all my family and friends if it really works thank you

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