The 15-minute “Christmas dinner guests are coming!” clean-up

The 15-minute “Christmas dinner guests are coming!” clean-up

Friends or family are arriving any moment, and you haven’t had time to clean! Don’t worry – just follow this super-speedy step-by-step to have your home guest-ready in minutes.

Friends or family are arriving any moment, and you haven’t had time to clean! Don’t worry – just follow this super-speedy step-by-step to have your home guest-ready in minutes.

As if the festive season isn’t stressful enough, the arrival of guests is the icing on the Christmas cake! Whether it’s the smug neighbour who loves to go one-up with the decorations or the perfect daughter-in-law who lives an Instagram-worthy lifestyle, there’s no need to worry. Just put our minute-by-minute plan into action, and you’ll be able to hold your head up high.

Minutes one to three

Do you have a box or a basket? Go round the rooms they’re going to be in (living room, bathroom, dining room if you have one, kitchen), and throw in any extraneous clutter that hasn’t been put away, and then put it in a cupboard until the guests have left. Just remember to put everything away afterwards, or you’ll store up a problem for later!

Minutes four to eight

Now you have clear surfaces, you can get to work with some seriously effective cleaning products to make sure you blitz your kitchen and bathroom surfaces as efficiently as possible. Flash Ultra Power Lemon Bacterial Wipes will make short work of stains and mess, so you don’t need too much elbow-grease, and leave a lovely fresh smell as well. And Viakal will give your hardware a brand-new sparkle – just on the sinks, mind. No point in wasting precious seconds on the bath and shower – if necessary, just pull the shower curtain closed!

Minutes nine to 11

If the floors need cleaning, just chuck a Flash Ultra Power Lemon Bacterial Wipe on the floor, put a flat mop on top and sweep it round, so you don’t need to bend down or bother with buckets and mops. For any difficult scuff marks, get the Flash Magic Eraser out – it’s super-quick and effective.

Minutes 12-15

This is the time for finishing touches: plump up the cushions in the living room, and freshen up your soft furnishings with a little spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray.

If it’s evening, use lamps instead of the main lights and light a couple of candles and the Christmas lights – dimmer lighting is more forgiving, as well as more atmospheric! Febreze Odour Eliminating Candle in Spiced Apple creates a lovely wintery atmosphere. (Remember not to leave unattended candles though, especially with grandkids or family pets around.)

If you have a real tree, quickly snip a few sprigs off the back where it’s not noticeable, and lay them with some baubles along the centre of the dining table as a natural-looking decoration. No one will guess where they’re from!

Then just chuck on a pretty top and a smudge of lipstick, answer the door, and… relax.

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