10 things in your kitchen to get rid of (right now!)

10 things in your kitchen to get rid of (right now!)

The quickest way to update your kitchen? Declutter it! Here’s what to throw away – and what to keep – to make a fresh start.

The quickest way to update your kitchen? Declutter it! Here’s what to throw away – and what to keep – to make a fresh start.

Do you wish your kitchen was bigger, cleaner, tidier? Who doesn’t!

The good news is, the solution is easier than you think, and doesn’t involve large-scale building work or a live-in housekeeper: it’s simply a case of throwing some things away!

Decluttering drawers, worktops and cupboards will give you more space to cook in, help the room look bigger, and make the busiest room in the house far quicker to clean.

But how do you even begin sorting through the stuff that’s accumulated over the years? The task can be daunting to achieve all in one go, so break it down into manageable chunks. For starters, here are 10 things you can get rid of right now to make a huge difference to the way your kitchen looks and feels:

1. Bulky machines and gadgets

Let’s be honest, how much do you really use that popcorn maker, bread machine, toasted sandwich maker or ice cream maker you got for Christmas five years ago? Chances are it’s gathering dust on your countertop, and taking up valuable space.

If you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, give it to charity or sell it on eBay; if you haven’t touched it in the last three months, store it in a cupboard or on top of a kitchen unit, freeing up the work surface for something you use more often.


2. Plastic boxes

Reusable takeaway containers, old ice cream tubs, Tupperware… most of us have a cupboard overflowing with plastic containers that “might come in useful” one day (but never do). So, be ruthless. Keep just six or so – choose different sizes, ones with lids that fit securely, and ones that can be used in the freezer. Then throw the rest away or recycle them where possible. You’ll be surprised how liberating it feels!

3. Old tea towels

Recycle any tea towels, aprons or oven gloves that are faded or have holes in (your local supermarket should have a local textile recycling bin), and only keep those you’re happy to have out on display. Alternatively, start afresh with a set of new tea towels in bright colours to give your kitchen an instant lift.

4. Cleaning products

If the cupboard under your sink is stuffed with dozens of different cleaning products, it’s time to streamline them. Only keep a few multi-purpose cleaners that will do a variety of everyday jobs, such as Fairy Liquid, which will not only leave dishes sparkling, but also clean surfaces, floors and windows, too.

5. Excess crockery

No one needs more than one set of plates and bowls (okay, maybe two if you reserve one special set for dinner parties), but over the years it’s easy to amass a huge collection of mismatched crockery that takes up a lot of room and rarely gets used. Retire any pieces that have chips or that don’t match, and hold on to just eight to 10 place settings at the most.

6. Sponges and cloths

Clear out all your old sponges and cleaning cloths, and invest in a few microfibre cloths instead. Not only are they reusable and more hygienic than normal cleaning cloths, but they’re more efficient too, as their tiny fibres cling to even the tiniest dirt particles, releasing them when the cloth is washed in hot water.

7. Mugs

Pretty ones, funny ones, ones we were given by the grandchildren… Mugs make good gifts, so it’s no wonder we tend to have far too many of them in our cupboards. Allocate just one shelf for them – or hang a row of hooks directly underneath your kitchen units – and only keep as many mugs as will fit. Give the others to charity, or donate them to a local community centre to use for events and coffee mornings.

8. Small gadgets

Small specialist utensils can seem like a good idea at the time, but if you’ve only ever used that avocado peeler, nutmeg grater or cherry stoning tool once in five years, it’s time to give it to the charity shop.

9. Food and drink

It’s surprising how much food and drink we hang on to that’s past its expiry date, particularly things like fancy teas, sauces and herbs that only get used occasionally. Take everything out of your cupboards and check the dates – you’ll be amazed how much room you free up. Next, decant dried goods such as flour, sugar and pasta into glass storage jars and paint a ‘label’ on them with chalkboard paint. Use chalk to write the contents and expiry date on the label, so you can instantly spot when things need replacing.

10. Carrier bags

Plastic carrier bags may have a million different uses, but we don’t need a million of them stuffed into a cupboard or drawer. Keep 12 or so neatly in a hanging storage bag, and take the rest to your local supermarket to be recycled.

How do you keep your kitchen clutter-free? Let us know in the comments section below and visit Fairy for more tips on saving in the kitchen.

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Less is better

Fabulous 25/01/2019

I have recently updated my kitchen and chose to have less units so making me get rid of a loads of stuff I did not need, life is so much easier and I can now find what I need quicker.

Declutter simple

queenofironing 30/08/2018

Have a one in one out rule. So if you buy new pans throw or donate to charity the old ones. Look through your medicine box and get rid of any out of date or old prescription bottles. Keep a wicker box Handley to put things like scissors in so you can easily find them. Throw out or donate out grown Wellingtons and shoes, amazing how much olspace doing this releases.

missing 3in1

FRANK 20/08/2018

yes, I am, just purchased new washing machine and was issued with a free pack of washing powder. missing 3in1 pods

Dont hoard


If we buy anything new, the old one goes. For example, new mugs or new pans, then the old ones go. One in, one out. That way you avoid unnecessary clutter and duplication!

Fab ideas for decluttering

Megs 01/06/2018

My kitchen was so full of "useful " items until about a month ago when along with other members of my family we had a good decluttering few days and it was such fun too . I am sure my friends will welcome your advice too.

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