Spring cleaning without the stress

Spring cleaning without the stress

When the sun starts to shine again, the dust mites become more visible too! Time to get the Flash cleaning spray out...

There’s no reason why you should take the brunt of the spring cleaning - get your other half involved, and why not bring the kids and grandkids into it too? Here’s a great approach to dividing it all up – maybe even produce a cleaning rota for all the family to stay involved all year round!

Day one: start at the top
It’s easy to forget about walls, ceilings, light fittings and high shelves, but as the days brighten up it’s really worth giving them a spruce-up. After putting the curtains in the wash (or taking them to a dry cleaner), it’s deeply satisfying to brush down all that dust and cobwebs. Still, by the time you get to the windows and window frames, it’s quite a task - you might need some motivating music for this one! Make it something you both like to harness your husband’s help!

Day two: divide up the chores
Get the men of the family to do the more physical jobs, like clearing out the basement or garage - something they can really get stuck into. Suggest they create a strategy, then run for cover - there are bound to be complaints, but hey, someone’s got to do it, right?

Day three: clear out the wardrobes
Now the weather’s warmer it’s a good time to launder and pack away your heavier winter clothes, from coats to jumpers. Make sure they’re cleaned properly first, then pack into vacuum storage bags to keep the moths away. Clean out the wardrobe thoroughly to remove any dust, and while you’re going through the clothes put them into piles for repairing, recycling, charity-shop or returning to the wardrobe.

If your other half is reluctant to part with some of his rough old shirts and T-shirts, you might just have to accept his stubbornness - give him a special basket or drawer for the really holey pieces, and then drag him to the shops so he’ll have no excuses. Sometimes it’s worth giving in for a quiet life!

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Packing the easy way

Greenlady5 06/08/2016

I don't know how I'd survive e without my vacuum storage bags. Turns bulky items into a 3rd of the size leaving everything g neat, tidy & clean till it's needed again. My loft is soo much tidier & space free using them.

spring clean

kende 22/05/2016

im lucky if my children pick up their washing off the floor ,help with cleaning you must be joking

Gender stereotyping anyone

1974nicola 12/05/2016

"Get the men to do the garage" Really? In 2016?

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