Spring forward with a brighter, cleaner home

Spring forward with a brighter, cleaner home

Ready to tackle the spring clean, but not sure where to start? Follow our guide for some ideas to get your home sparkling like new

The longer, brighter days of spring are a welcome relief from winter’s gloom, but we all know they can shine a light onto the dust and crud that builds up. So it’s a great idea to throw open the windows and freshen up your home with a spring clean. But it can be tricky to know which jobs to start with. Try these suggestions for tackling some of the essential spring-cleaning tasks.

Have a kitchen clear-out
Decluttering is all the rage. But it’s not simply a fashion trend: there are real benefits to being organised in busy places like the kitchen. You’ll waste less time hunting through drawers for the tin opener under a pile of unused egg slicers and wine aerators. And more than that, studies show that a serene and clean workspace gives you a psychological boost and can even promote healthy eating, because it’s easier to make the right choices in a calm, orderly environment.

Take an inventory of your kitchen and chuck out worn pots, pans and utensils, gadgets that you haven’t touched in a year and old store cupboard essentials that turned out to be less than essential. You’ll soon start to see you kitchen in a whole new light, with more space to get creative.

Put the shine back on your surfaces
Your kitchen and bathroom surfaces are the hardest-working parts of the home, and even day-to-day cleaning can take its toll, as limescale in the water builds up over surfaces, taps and sinks. But a deep-cleansing, limescale removal treatment can get them looking as good as new. The trick is to use a dedicated product such as Viakal: its unique formula dissolves limescale without scrubbing, leaving a remarkable shine.

Blitzing hardened limescale build-up with Viakal can have long-term benefits too. Viakal contains polymer pro-shine technology that helps prevent watermarks and limescale deposits forming. It causes water to slide off surfaces so that limescale can’t form as it dries, keeping your kitchen and bathroom hygienically clean and bright. That means less for you to do: just try a quick spritz of Viakal regularly to stay on top of things.

Make your windows sparkle
It’s tempting to want to give your windows a clean when the sun is shining to let the light flood into your home. But try to hang on for a cloudy day – the wait shouldn’t be too long, knowing our weather! That way your cleaning fluid won’t dry on your windows, giving you time to rinse it off thoroughly and prevent streaks.

Investing in a rubber-edged squeegee helps you get the job done like a professional. Just fill your bucket with water and a few drops of washing-up liquid and wet the window with a sponge. Then dampen the squeegee and draw it across the window, across from the top corner and down with overlapping strokes.

Give your carpets a deep clean
Experts recommend giving your carpet a deep clean once a year to lift out dirt that ordinary vacuuming doesn’t reach. You can buy affordable steam-cleaners or rent them for an annual deep clean that will restore the bounce of carpet fibres and freshen the whole room.

If you can, remove the furniture so you’ve got a clear floor – otherwise, move it to the centre of the room so you can get those hard-to-reach spaces. Give it a once-over with the vacuum to remove surface dirt. Then fill up the machine with lukewarm water and detergent according to the manufactuers instructions, and run it slowly in overlapping lines over the carpet. You’ll be amazed at the dirt it draws out!

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