6 ways to take the stress out of hosting Christmas

6 ways to take the stress out of hosting Christmas

The season is upon us, so if you have plans to throw a dinner party we've got tips to ensure the evening goes smoothly (and,don't worry, we've got the clean-up covered too)

The festive season is upon us, so if you have plans to throw a dinner party, we’ve got tips to ensure the evening goes smoothly (and, don’t worry, we’ve got the clean-up covered too)

Hosting a dinner party can be great fun, but it can also be stressful and tiring, especially when you’re left to clear up all the mess.

But with our tips, you can take some savvy shortcuts that will help everything go smoothly, and ensure you enjoy yourself as much as the guests do.

1. Prep the kitchen

If you give your kitchen a thorough clean in advance of your food prepping, you won't give it a second thought on the night of the big event.

As well as your usual routine, spray the sink and taps with Viakal to lift off all the hardened limescale and white marks. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes and it will leave your kitchen gleaming!

Of course you’ll want to ensure the rest of the house is looking its best, too. Do a big clean the day before so you can spend party day prepping and relaxing. To avoid those dreaded post-houseworking aches and pains, read our article for tips and tricks.

2. Home, sweet-smelling home

First impressions always count, so remember the smell that meets your guests when they first walk in is just as important as the appearance.

Hopefully they'll be met with delicious cooking smells from the kitchen, but if you're conscious of musty aromas or smelly pets, give your rooms a spritz of Febreze. Typical air fresheners only mask unpleasant odours, but Febreze eliminates stinks at the source – leaving you with a fresh-smelling room.

3. Mix up the menu

Guests will be pleasantly surprised if you swap the turkey and stuffing for an alternative dish. After all, there are only so many roast dinners one can handle! Opt for a delicious homemade lasagne instead and impress everyone with your Italian culinary expertise. It’s also much easier to throw together than a traditional Christmas meal.

Don’t worry if you’re drawn into a scintillating conversation and the cheese and pasta get a little overdone: pop the pyrex in the dishwasher and use Fairy Platinum dishwasher capsules. Its formula cleans even the toughest grease and grime left behind on dishes first time, leaving them looking like new.

4. Plan your time carefully

It can be tricky timing all your courses to come out at the right time. Not only that, there probably won't be room in the oven. Try and pre-make as much as possible beforehand so that you can mingle with your friends rather than slogging away in the kitchen.

Starters, sides and desserts can all be made in advance. No doubt you'll run out of dishes half way through, but at least you know you’ll have enough washing-up liquid with Fairy. It gives you 50% more clean dishes* and lasts longer, so your household budget goes further.

5. Be a gracious host

With the wine flowing freely expect a few spills and accidents throughout the evening. Flash Wipes are ideal for those clumsy moments, so swoop in, mop up and no one will notice a thing. Being a forgiving, patient host can be trying, but it’s the season of forgiveness after all.

6. Have fun

This is your night too, so just relax and enjoy yourself. Try to keep the gaps between courses small so you're spending maximum time with your friends and family and minimum time flustered in the kitchen.

Who would your ultimate Christmas Day dinner guest be? Let us know in the comments section below.

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easy and stress free Christmas

Will 11/12/2017

get all the prep done well in advance and freeze. Christmas dinner just needs to be defrosted and put in the oven.

plan and prepare

bani 11/12/2017

plan beforehand and prepare in advance. last minute does not work and is probably the most common single reason for stress on Christmas

Who would I invite

Nicola 11/12/2017

I would like to see professor Brian Cox . I could spend hours chatting to him about the night sky .imagine all his knowledge. You could spend hours learning from him. He's also very nice to look at lol 😊

Happy Solstice Everyone

Emma 10/12/2017

My ideal guest would have been Terry Pratchett - lovely man and very interesting dinner conversation!


lizardbush 10/12/2017

I just spent 5 mins writing a comment then clicked submit, got asked to login - my comment has just gone.

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