Six tips for easy entertaining at home

Six tips for easy entertaining at home

It’s a treat to be able to entertain at home, without having to worry about tidying up after the kids. Here’s how to make any evening go swimmingly

It’s official: staying in is the new going out, and when you can start to take pride in your home again (without having toys and teenage tantrums to deal with), hosting can be a real pleasure. Whether it’s a casual catch-up over coffee or a dinner party for old friends, there are some rules that will keep your guests happy – and make them delighted to come back for seconds too.

For example, while a fragrant home is welcoming, calming and enticing, no one really wants to sit on a sofa that smells of damp dog, or hang out in a room that whiffs of cat litter. And lighting a candle five minutes before your guests arrive just won’t cut through those pongs, so getting straight to the source with Febreze Fabric Refresher is the best approach, allowing you to choose the right scent for the occasion.

Here are five more crucial DOs and DON’Ts to keep your guests happy.

DON’T expect to go to bed early. There’s always at least one guest who wants to stay and chat all night. But if you think you’ll want to move them along, why not surreptitiously plug in an Ambi Pur with a Touch of Febreze in sleep-inducing lavender? Its soothing aroma will help everyone unwind – and may even have them nodding off towards the end of the evening!

DO make sure you’ve got plenty of food and drink. Better to be generous and end up with some leftovers for the next day than to get a reputation for stinginess – or end up popping out for extra supplies halfway through the evening.

DON’T forget to cater for non-drinkers as well as drinkers. Whether people are driving, on medication or simply don’t drink alcohol any more, it’s nice to have something more interesting than sparkling water on hand. Try elderflower pressé, mocktails and some sugar-free cordials to mix with light tonics.

DO invite your neighbours round too, if you’re having a gathering. You’ll avoid complaints about the noise, and might make some new friends too.

DON’T bother with too-fussy food – you’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, and who wants to spend the whole time in the kitchen? It’s no fun for guests either. Better to prepare some confident, tasty, easy-to-serve dishes in advance and relax for an evening in great company!

What are your best time-saving tips for entertaining? We’d love to hear from you in the comments box below.

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Make children welcome

babyhk 26/06/2016

Many friends seem to say NO as they feel they shouldn't bring their children . If it is warm then a paddling pool is great for toddlers as parents seem to be happy to sit round it .I had 2 of the older ones helping with the catering and one as the D.J . Kids seem to like ice lollies and ice cream and for little ones we make thin finger sandwiches . Children can really make a party special if you give them tasks they enjoy .

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